niagra falls

we are going to niagra falls canada in may --we plan on camping in the area—any suggestions for camping spots–paddling places–hiking–and bike riding would be appreciated–thanks–phil

Bike Riding/Paddling
Phill: Take the I-190 north from the Falls to Rt.104 and 104 west into Lewiston.

Spotting a vehicle will afford ya a great paddle from Lewiston Landing down to Ft.Niagara (takeout is at Niagara State Park)

YOu can cycle Rt.18F parraleling the river from ArtPark in Lewiston all the way to Ft. Niagara and then (on rt. 18) out along Lake Ontarios shoreline to Wilson NY or Olcott NY

4 Mile creek has a fantastic Campground with showers. It’s on rt. 18 just east of the village of Youngstown NY.

E-mail me if you have any questions.

Niagara Parkway
You can ride a bike or walk along the scenic Niagara Parkway in Canada for quite a distance. There’s a cool butterfly conservatory you can walk through around Fort Erie. There’s two creeks you can paddle that flow into Niagara River above the Falls: Black Creek, and Lyons Creek. A map of the area will show them.

You may want to contact this Canadian paddling group called Peninsula Paddlers:

They know that area well and paddle year-round as long as it’s not frozen. You may even be able to meet up with some of them to paddle. Email John W. (his email is on the home page) with questions. Tell him I sent ya! He’s a fantastic ambassador for the southern Ontario paddling region!

Have fun – it’s a great area!

Q: any suggestions for paddling places?
A: Don’t paddle over the falls.

You don’t need to
you can use your paddle for balance - the current will take you over without paddling being necessary. You need to really arch your back on entry because it has a reputation for being rough on the vertebrae.

At least Class IV
probably Class V in high water

Iv’e heard that the waves are 10 - 15 feet high between the falls and whirl pool rabids.

I once heard a crazy white water dude actually paddled this section.Personally I would be afraid of loseing my glasses.