nice boat work stand

I found this a while back…finally got around to making it…

i have a set of stands but they ended up permantenly in the storage end of the basment with boats on it…so i decided to make these-since they fold i can bring them around if needed…indoors/outdoors etc…

build was EASY!!!materials cost me 46$total…includes the PVC glue…because i have long boats as well as surf boats i did up the diameter of the PVC to 1.5"…not to heavy…easy carry…folds flat…

overall a nice thing!!!

just wanted to pass this on to others who might need one…(a little bit nicer than using Diner tray stands stolen from restaurants)


Really like my Talic Seahorses
Cost a bit more, but lighter and much more compact (as in takes up almost no room in a hatch if you want to bring them along).

Awesome for storage, cleaning and repair work. I’ve refinished a hull on them, and a lot of the work on my SOF including all skinning and finishing.

Another one of those things I’d replace same day if lost/damaged/stolen.

yes i’ve got a pair of Talics and they do very well, but for a second pair i’m going to follow your lead and build a pair of the ones you posted. Thanks for the information. Now I can keep a pair packed for travel and a pair at the dock at home.

Pretty slick!
Off to lowes for materials now. Not exactly clear how he is attaching the webbing on the single upright with the slot but I imagine I’ll figure out something.

Thanks for the link!

Many thanks Rob!
These will be especially helpful with my sof… a lot easier to put float bags in it when off of the ground…


i had wondered if anyone else
was looking for something like this…i guess so…

i slid the webbing through the slot in the single cap and then sewed it back over itself…the maker also said it could be stapled over too…or i would thin k you could easily put a pair fo small screws through it too…anything to make it bigger htan the slot it fit through…