Nice day today

Sunny, mid 40’s, friendly river, and a big park full of good sticks. Hoping for more days like this.

Hmm… Grey, cold and wet here the past few days.

Do we live in the same state?

You’re just a few (hundred) miles north.

@Sparky961 said:
Hmm… Grey, cold and wet here the past few days.

Same here.

Today is our second day of sun since November 1. If the forecast holds, it will be a sunny weekend (thank you Sun Gods!). Found a live webcam at the south arm of Lake Charlevoix; there’s ice but also open water. Thinking my Samba and I will do a river dance on the Jordan this weekend. :slight_smile:

Got warm (40s) down here in the southland (well Southern Michigan) so it’s gray, foggy & muddy. It’s supposed to be partly cloudy tomorrow. Hope so - we are hiking @ Sleepy Hollow.

Rookie, enjoy the Jordan. I’m thinking that you mostly do the lower end up to Rodgers Rd. or so.

Yup, generally launch on Lake Charlevoix then under the bridge and up the river. Last time I paddled the river was blocked by a tree that had fallen just before Rodgers Road, but it’s half open now so plan to paddle past there. How far up depends on the river - and where I can launch. Can’t paddle till Sunday, unfortunately.

@Rookie - I remember seeing that tree (or at least a tree) last fall when we took out at Rodgers Rd. We are hiking tomorrow, paddling local - Grand & Red Cedar next Saturday maybe the same depending on construction New Years day & Jan 5. Then it’s hopefully x-country skiing until late February when we do the AuSable overnight.

Another nice day today for December in Michigan. Almost zero wind the past few days.

While waiting for the freezing fog to lift this morning and sun-thaw to start, ran through my gear checklist. Missing were my bilge pump and paddle float. They must be wedged on top the foam footrest of my Fathom LV, which is in locked storage at the pool. Could have made a bailer, but not a paddle float. As the air temps were in the 30s, my instinct was not to push my luck. So I didn’t.

Used my erg for an hour instead. Will get the missing gear tomorrow and keep an eye on next weekend’s weather. Sigh.

Yep, easy to forget something when your routine has been disrupted by winter. I kneel and take my shoes off to give me more wiggle room and I need to remember to take kneeling pads that keep my toes off the floor of the boat since water temps are now COLD. Hope you get on the water soon Rookie.

hmm the only water available now is the Atlantic Ocean… And with less than eight hours of daylight and sunset before 4 it aint happening…