Nice kayak seat mod for Inflatable

Walmart selling Ozark Trail Stadium seat that fits perfectly! No drilling, no base required, held in place by the inflated tubes. I stuck the Intex seat riser underneath, but you could use any PFD throw cushion either under or behind the back. Stay wide, tall, and dry.

Looks nice I put a similar Ozark stadium seat in my canoe. Very comfortable and the mesh keeps you cool. I had to cut the junk off the bottom that clamps it to a bench. Then I held mine down with pipe clamps. :canoe:

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Yah, I spotted that one also. Price was about $10 or so more. They have a heated model; for around $49. I was thinking I would to have added wooden or plastic pad and then velcro, but it fits well enough without any thing. Very sturdy with only the inflated tubes of the boat. Would prolly be even better if placed prior to inflating. I think I paid around $15.

Yep mine was 25 bucks. When i bought it this spring it was the only one they had. I looked a week later and they only had the model you used. That’s Walmart you have to buy it when you see it. If it holds up a few years it wont be a big deal to grab a new one. Mine wanted to flop down so I put a bungee on the back to hold it up. Then I flip the bungee the other way when it rids on the car to keep it down. It had a little strap on the bottom to keep it closed but it broke the second time I used it. :canoe:

Looks good, just be certain that the metal frame does not have anything sharp (like rivets) that could rub on the tubes.

thanks. I did examine and did not notice anything that might puncture, but it is a tight fit. I might insert a thin piece of foam though.

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