Nice Pic - J.Sharlin

Love the occaisonal “action shot” in the community pic – an P&H Aries (FG version of the Delphin) no less. :slight_smile: Looks like a good RICKA outing…



His pictures are amazing, and I am pretty sure this is the story from the guy in the picture of the trip that day.

p.s. - I need to get a sea kayak…

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Thanks for sharing that. My first longboat surf lesson was in that same area. We paddled out from the boat launch, next to the Back Eddy Restaurant, inside the Westport River tidal basin. Likewise, saw a little bit of the race on the ebb tide and the mouth of the river. We then paddled out to Horseneck Beach and started to learn/practice surfing the longboat. It was exhilarating fun. I have been hooked ever since.

Coincidentally, last month I checked on the availability of the campsites right on Horseneck beach. The whole summer is pretty much booked. But, there was a four day window right after Labor Day. I quickly booked all four days. I put in my vacation request and will be camping/surfing on the beach. I’m totally pumped. :slight_smile:



Actually , it is this one - Jamestown not Westport.