Nice seat for a SOT kayak

I’m looking to buy a seat for a Mini X kayak, and was considering the “Surf to Summit” Outfitter Tall Back, priced at $69 shipped. Is there anything better for the same or less money? Thanks.

Nothing better for less. Buy it.
Seriously. I’ve used one of those on several different SOTs. It’s very adjustable, well made of good materials, and provides good back support. You can really push against it to lock in reasonably well even without thigh straps.

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Thanks a lot.

Kingfisher Seat

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I just ordered the new KINGFISHER seat from MOKEN(FEEL FREE)for $120, I feel the price is worth the comfort I'll have. Saw it at Canoecopia in Madison and sat in it on the floor for a half hour. The high supportive back and lumbar support are great. I have a Emotion Grand Slam Angler and it will snap in the pad eyes the same way. My bum can't wait to sit 6 hours in that thing ;-)

Thanks guys. $70 is the most I want to spend. Another option is the Seaairsports Outback. Which do you think is better and more comfortable?

  1. Surf to Summit Outfitter Tall Back

  2. Seaairsports Outback

Is the Surf To Summit seat the best choice? Thanks.

The outfitter is a great seat with a lifetime warranty and its USA made. You cant go wrong. Ive sold thousands of them. Make sure you get the optional backpack.

Thanks. I’m going to order it from Walmart.