Nice to take an afternoon off

It doesn’t happen often (in fact it’s never happened before), but it’s nice when my work schedule and paddling schedule align. It happened on Thursday when I had a morning meeting in CT near a couple of great paddling spots, and then was able to take the afternoon off.

The afternoon started with a flatwater paddle on the Farmington River in Simsbury, CT. I put in at the Route 185 Bridge and paddled down to the Drake Hill Flower Bridge. Everyone seems to know the Route 185 put-in as the one with the big tree – the Gifford Pinchot Sycamore, which is the largest tree in CT. Visible on the ridge high above the river is the Heublein Tower in the Talcott Mountain State Park. After the paddle I still had some time, so I decided to hike up. It’s a mile and a half in, and almost 1,000 feet up, but definitely worth the trip. The views from the ridge are great, and from the tower you can see Hartford and beyond. Few pictures here:

By the time I got back to the car it was time to head over to Tville for a Thursday night whitewater run. As usual, I was the only open boater with about 15 kayakers. The river was low, but still fun. The playhole was at a great level – even I got in there once. I got spun around and filled up the boat, but didn’t swim, so I figured I’d quit while I was ahead. Video from the playhole

Few picture from the whitewater run:

I need to do that more often.

I am taking tomorrow off
My ex-gf called and asked if I would take Thursday off and take her paddling. Sure! Why not?

Got the day off, THEN she mentioned bringing a friend from work. So much for fantasy!

Then she mentioned her friend and her friend’s gf.

Then she mentioned their 2-year old kid, NONE of whom had ever been in a canoe or kayak.

Then the brother was in the Hospital so it was back to her and me. I get to test paddle my new CD Whistler-145!!! yay!

Then brother got well so I am back to ex-gf, 2 of her friends and kid. I have to move back to my OT Dirago-12 as it is safer to rescue a noob from that boat.

Why cannot the Swedish Bikini Team call and ask me to take them paddling!

cool shots
I especially like the two called “first ledge”, neat perspective with one in the foreground and quite a few more paddlers in the background.

You ought to submit something for photo of the week. Those images really put you in the river.

I have submitted pictures to photo of the week a couple of times, but it has been a while - I think this was the last one:

Its always more interesting when it is a p-netter in the picture. Here’s another from the same river by canoeswithduckheads:

those are also nice
I especially like the 2nd one with CWD.

But the POV perspective of your other shots is really captivating. I feel like I can hear the water rushing by.