Nice Tuilik design

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I spotted this site while looking for a tuilik.

He makes what looks like a useful product, a goretex cross between a traditional tuilik and a storm cag which might be more versatile than the usual neoprene version and more comfortable than a whole dry suit. He makes them to order based on your measurements and the kayak specs. Also makes dry pants that can mate to the top via a neo tunnel. Hope I am not violating protocol by bringing it to attention but I admire entrepreneurs who come up with novel products and like to see them get exposure. I did email the maker suggesting that he consider an ad on here.

Sprayskirt looks good too, nm

I have one for sale
- check out the classifieds. I lost 90Lbs and bought a new boat and sadly it does not fit me anymore. Nice piece of kit.

too bad it is too big

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I would buy yours for sale but afraid I would swim in it (5' 5" and 150 lbs). Really a shame since it would fit most of my boats which take the same Seals 1.7 skirt as your Zephyr.

Have you considered contacting Paulo to see if he would take a trade in? Since I'm sure he has limited production maybe he would be able to resell it and give you a discount on a new one.

I like the spray skirt design he makes as well. I've got several skirts but most have some sort of zipper, pocket or other rigamarole in the deck that causes leaking (and since I use GPs most of the time that means a lot of drip). The only one that I like anymore is my old Feathercraft which is simple cordura with no bells or whistles, like the Comfort Paddling model.

Since you've owned the CP tuilik, did you find it reasonably breathable?

I love the tuilik.

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Yes it is quite breathable. It works extremely well. Trade in isn't possible and I understand completely why. The biggest thing that I like about this tuilik is that you don't get that constricted feeling around your neck like you do with a traditional dry suit latex neck seal. I do think there is a place for dry suits with those few people among us who paddle off shore with long crossings in cold water and who require a 100% immersion proof garment. But for the vast majority of us a tuilik is the way to go and this is a very nice tuilik. I believe you can order it with a built in tunnel to mate with dry pants and that in that configuration it is nearly as reliable as a traditional dry suit. You can roll all day in this thing and stay perfectly dry and warm. It breaths very well. The hood seal is very comfortable compared to a neck seal and you can easily pull it back off your head when not needed. It is loose fitting and allows complete movement through all the greenland roll positions without constriction. You can wear almost anything you need underneath for warmth. It is really warm in cold weather but also does just fine in warm weather because it is so breathable. Even though mine is now waaaay to big for me it still fits my head and makes a good seal and the seal around my new smaller cockpit, while a bit too loose, is tight enough for less demanding conditions so I will continue to use it if I cannot sell it. If I sell mine I plan to buy another custom fitted tuilik from comfort paddling. My current tuilik is it excellent condition and will fit someone who wears men's XL or XXL clothing. If you are interested I have it listed in classifieds.