Nifty Kokatat Dry Pants!

Somewhere last January, Marshall Seddon mentioned ordering a pair of the new Kokatat Tropos drypants, the ones with the gortex socks built in.

He also said he’d review 'em.

Since he hadn’t and I couldn’t find any other reviews on the internet and none of my friends have 'em, I emailed him to ask him what he thought.

Marshall gave them the thumbs up, so I ordered a pair.

Saturday I wore them in the white water boat. Since I’d already been swimming on that particular river once before on a previously unseasonably cold day, I assumed I’d be swimming again on Saturday.

So I was layered up in a poly under layer, a 3 mil wetsuit and dry pants mated to a Tropos dry top.

Needless to say, I felt like the little kid who is so layered up in their snow suit they cannot move. Ironically, I was also the one of the only people not complaining about being cold.

So I didn’t swim, but I was in water up to my knees. Not a drop leaked into the Kokatat Tropos dry pants. My feet, which normally FREEZE in cold water in the boat, even when they aren’t wet, stayed toasty warm with a pair of wool socks under the gortex sock and neoprene booties on the outside.

Mmmmm gortex socks.

Eventually, I need to get a drysuit if I’m going to paddle more and year round. But I feel like the pants are one of the better things I’ve bought for boating and are perfect for adventures this spring and summer.

thats cool
Marshall hooked me up with Stholquist Neptune dry pants as well. he really knows his gear! The pants have worked out great. They have the neoprene ankle cuffs that work well. I’m in a warm climate so don’t mind the wet feet and allows trapped water to drain out. I’m really impressed with Stholquist. I also have a Kokatat gortex shorty top and palm top. Next year I’ll also be looking for a good drysuit, although the two peace works well.

Sounds good, thanks
I picked up a pair of the Tempest pants from Marshall recently as well, along with the new Seeker booties to go over the socks. The pants have a nice wide waistband and surprisingly hold air - they have to be burped like a drysuit. Haven’t used them yet as my semester teaching has not ended. Glad to hear your positive review, I’ve been unsatisfied with the many options I’ve tried in the past.

BTW I plan to have the inseam shortened and the socks fit to my feet better so they don’t have all that extra material flapping around. I wish Kokatat would go ahead and offer their pants and drysuits in a ‘short’ inseam for all us short/medium height, xl waist types. It seems most paddlers I see look like me and less like tall strapping mountain climbers :slight_smile:

Nix on the mods
Just received a quote for the alterations - $150-190 to shorten the legs, $72 for new socks. I can’t deal with that, so baggy with big feet it will be.

Thanks all!
Can only recommend gear that I use, enjoy and most importantly haven’t busted.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Tempest Pant
Glad you liked the pants. Just to clarify, the material is not Gore-Tex. It is Kokatat’s new material called T3.

You can get a few other items in the same material - a Meridian Drysuit, Swift Entry Drysuit, Angler Paddling Suit.