Nigel Dennis Kayaks

The Nigel Dennis web site seems to be down.Several

kayak shops have also stoped selling the boats.

Have they gone out of biz?

It would be odd if they did go under as Sea Kayaker

mag has a nice review of the Explorer.

I have a HV Explorer and think its great except

when sitting still or in calm water. John

call sea kayak ga
Sea Kayak Georgia is an importer for NDK now. You could call and ask, but I think NDK is probably updating their web site. The toll free number is 1 888 kayak ga.

NDK Kayaks
I would agree with the other comments. My guess is their site is down for modifications (and well needed IMHO).

There are lots of NDK dealers where are you living?


What I have heard is that
there will be four distributors. Located in Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, and Washington state. I’m not real sure that my information is correct… But, I did hear this during Sweetwater Kayaks BCU week. In fact, I purchased a new Explorer from Sweetwater Kayaks. As a side note… I was frustrated today that we had ice on our lakes. We had gusts of 60 mph winds and I would have loved to have gotten out with a friend to play in the wind (on a small lake).


I heard it will be more than the four
I heard something similar but heard it would be more importers than the four you listed.

That’s a pretty drastic change from their old business model of importing all US boats through one importer.

Personally, I’m thrilled to see it coming.


NDK’s website is back up
I’ve heard at minimum they will be distributing though Maine Island Kayak Company and Sea Kayak Georgia. I’m not sure who the other distributors will be. As most people are aware, Great River Outfitters terminated their relationship with NDK due to continued warranty problems. However, that didn’t stop me from picking up a new Greenlander Pro for a steal from GRO this winter.

Not just back…
But the instructions for owners on how to fix uncured seams are still there. Thank heavens for the internet!

the newlook website is now up and runnin
NDK now has their “new look” website up and running.


Well, if the quality of the boats…
…matches the quality of the language on the site, it’s gonna’ be another bad year for NDK. The problems start with the second sentence and get worse from there. Anyone every have a boat suffer “delimitation when damaged”?

Entertainment Value
Don’tcha’ just love when that happens? This month’s cover of Time Magazine features a photo inset, top right corner, something to the tune of: ‘Martha (Stewart’s) Just Deserts.’ I can hear the sound of a proofreader’s head rolling somewhere…

the new look is as bad as the old look
for NDK. You get what you pay for with web development.

It appears that his web developer…
…is the computer equivalent of chopped strand matt. :wink:

Remind me to stay on your good side, bnystrom!


Hey Brian, I like chopped strand matt!
As long as the boat’s bulkheads, hatches, deck lines, and bilge cookie are reinforced with Glycerin-VibraFoam, that miracle space-age product that is lighter the feathers, stronger than steel, and stops bullets like Kevlar!

GVF, as we call it at Brit-Chem AG, is also available in 12 colors and doubles as a denture adhesive in a pinch!

I shouldn’t be giving our competitors a “head-ups”, but we are currently negotiating with a gent up in the Great-White-North to build ultralight, ultra-strong, sponsons out of GVF. I’m sure you’ll want Glycerin-VibraFoam holding together your next kayak!

Email me your address and phone number and I will send you a complete brochure on GVF, today!

Did I use enough exclamation points? ; - )


It couldn’t have been that bad a year for NDK. After all, I bought two kayaks from them last year, which, by the way, I couldn’t be happier with :).

top notch
paddling shop website, css and xhtml compliant design, this is what web geeks drool over.

how come I can’t get pictures of the kayaks?

dunno but the layout is very slick

That is a nice web site. Loads pretty fast even with my s-l-o-w dial up. Hey, the WMCKA web site is looking really nice too!

-I think my daughter and I will be attending the WMCKA symposium this year. But, we are planning on doing the food option! :slight_smile: