Nigel Foster Echo

As there is no WTB (wanted to buy) section on, I am using this board to state my interest in a Foster Echo.

Seaward informed me that they have no current plans to put into production either of the Foster day boats - Rumour & Echo. Sweetwater has forwarded my inquiry to Nigel, but he is on expedition.

So, if anyone hears of an Echo that is or maybe available, I would appreciate being informed.

Items wanted
There is an items wanted section under the Classified. Go to the drop-down for type of ad and select “Item Wanted”. You can put your request on there.

Thank you
I apologize. I hadn’t seen that.

I want a rumour
as well, and an echo, but don’t know if they’ll ever be built. A s&g or strip built version might be nice!

My wife would like a Rumour.

That Sweetwater forwarded my inquiry to Nigel Foster rather than simply replying, I hope might mean there is some chance or thought of limited production of these boats.

I like Foster boats, but don’t need another expedition boat. An Echo would likely be most everything I would want in a day boat - fast, fun, snug fitting, and 16’.