Nigel Foster Legend Replacement Seat???


I have a Foster Legend and really like the boat, but the seat is a bit too narrow for me.

I would like to replace the seat with something a little wider.

I am considering maybe ordering a Foster Shadow seat. It is a full 1.5 inches wider which would fit me well (maybe even a little wide, but I could pad it out. It should be a pretty close fit though, as it is the same width as my Explorer seat which fits me well.

If I did that then I would need to shim out the seat 3/4 of an inch on either side. Anyone ever do this? Any ideas on what would be best to use to shim it out?

Any other ideas for a good replacement seat? I am also considering a Kajaksport seat, but I am not sure if it would fit and how it would bolt in.

A foam seat is an option, but not my preferred option.



another one …
Can bond to bottom or bolt to side.

I can tailor the layup to your weight and inteneded use.

Foam Seat
I know you said foam is not your first choice, but I am very happy with my Redfish seat. I have the basic block with the butt shape pre-carved. I used industrial sticky backed Velcro for the installation.

My Shadow…
I removed the stock seat and replaced it with a foam/gel Necky seat. The stock seat has a small crack in one of the hangers, totally repairable, you’re welcome to it.