Nigel Foster Legend???

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I am considering picking up a used Legend. Going to try to test paddle it here soon, but wanted to ask for some feedback in the meantime.

Any Legend paddlers out there? I liked the hard chines on both the Greenlander Pro and the Bahiya I owned so I think there is a good chance I will like this boat, and I like a boat with a little lower primary stability but nicely defined secondary. Also looking for something with good speed/efficiency that will carve a nice turn still and will be capable in rougher conditions. The Legend appears to fill that bill nicely.

Fit will be a big variable that I need to check out in person, but usually a boat sized like an Explorer is a great fit for me.

Another question is about build quality. I know that one of the two is made by Walden. The other I am not sure about, but I know that it has kayaksport hatches as opposed to Valley. not sure if that is an indicator of year of make or manufacturer. I personally kind of like the kayaksport hatch covers better only b/c I find them easier to get on and off than the Valley hatch covers.

thanks for your help!

Kajak sport
I think kajak sport hatches means it’s a Seaward built Legend.

Like all used boats poke, prod, and inspect.

Some say the Seaward built Foster boats are the best made ones, some think they’re a bit too light.

The Legend is not a popular kayak compared to Explorers, Tempests, etc… so you should be able to get it for a decent price.

I took a look at the pictures and it appears that the hard chine extends most of the way to the bow, which I believe was instituted when Seaward started making the boats.

So no other Legend paddlers out there who want to chime in on their impression of the boat??? I am curious about feedback on the handling etc. as well.


sweet boat

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Fast, tracks well, if you're used to sea kayaks like the Greenlander it shouldn't scare you. To me it feels less "loose" than a similar rounded chine boat.

If you liked the Bahiya
you should like the Legend. Maybe even more.

Very limited experience with Legend, but have yet to meet a Nigel Foster boat that was not a really nice boat although I think his boats seem to me to be optimized as opposed to vanilla boats that suit many for many uses.

I checked out a friend’s Legend. It’s made by Walden and has a seat that hangs straight down from the coaming. As such it is too narrow for me and cuts in to my hips when sitting in the boat (have not paddled it–only sat in it on dry land)

Do all the Legends have a seat that hangs straight from the coaming? Seems to me the ones I have seen in the past had a bit wider seat setup, but I could be wrong.

I have a Shadow…

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The Legend's big brother, and it's a Seaward layup. Have paddled a Legend a little bit, but it was over 4 years ago at this point, I remember it being fairly similar to the Shadow.

I'm not sure I can really add anything you don't already suspect about the boat, ie low initial stability and strong secondary, but here goes...

Also haven't paddled mine since last summer, have been grabbing my Delphin more often than not for day and play paddling. The Seaward build is a rock solid layup, but very very heavy. I save the big Shadow for trips, where it will swallow up gear, big hatches with lots of storage space up close to the hatch openings, big old day hatch. It paddles a little more settled with some gear in it, and yet stays very maneuverable. The boat flys downwind, it's loose flat hull shape really lets it run and pick up any little semblance of a wave. It surfs pretty well for a boat that is almost 18 feet long, will respond well to edging, and has enough volume to avoid pearling the bow. Its really not a straight line boat, kinda likes to wander and play off any energy in the water, so not a strong tracking boat. I often find myself tacking much different lines than people in straighter tracking boats. I also don't like paddling straight and slogging point to point, much more of an arced trajectory type of paddler, hugging coastline to get a little respite from wind or finding that sweet spot where things bounce around just right, so this might be me. Running broadside to wind and waves you can almost catch a little ride off the chines digging into the waves. The boat requires almost constant input from your body to edge and adjust it. Sitting in any kind of bump you might find yourself hanging the boat to one side for stability and lightly sculling. Skeg doesn't deploy straight down as it might with other manufacturers. So although it helps the boat track a little straighter, its not the type of boat you can use the skeg to trim to run different directions to the wind. My skeg slider is a little sluggish and you have to be very deliberate with it, but have never had a problem with it. I removed the seat pan from my boat after it developed a crack in the side hanger, and have added a Necky gel seat and foam back rest, so I'm still dialing in the outfitting, but all in all the boat has room for my size 14 feet and carries my 6,3 240lbs self very well. I keep seeing the latest and greatest new boats coming out, and I'm occasionally tempted to update, but there is just some funky magic going on with the design of the Shadow that tells me I'm going to have it for a long time. The only thing that would tempt me to get something else is the weight of the layup, mine has to be close to 70 lbs, and is a beast to move around. Or maybe a design that is a little more reassuring and allows me to be a lazier paddler if I was doing some horrendous water day after day, but at that point I might just get a ruddered big boat and be done with it. Hope this helps...


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thanks for the info.

How much bigger (in terms of fit) is the Shadow? I looked at the dimensions and it appears to be a tad higher deck and mostly a wider cockpit over the Legend (and an extra inch of beam).

I assume the wider beam would make it a bit more stable, and a bit slower than the Legend.

The factory seat on the Legend is a bit too narrow for me, but the fit is otherwise good. I just have fairly wide hips and the seat cuts into my hips.

I guess I could get a legend and install a foam seat, or I could perhaps get a Shadow. The shadow has a 1.5 inch wider coaming, and therefore seat. The seat may fit me well actually.

I am ambivalent about putting a foam seat in the Legend since the lower seat may make the boat fit too big. I feel that the Legend with a foam seat may "feel" bigger in terms of fit than the Shadow with a stock seat.

I am 5'8 and 195 by the way...but have wide hips I guess..

Too big
The shadow that is… I’m 6’6" and I have a Shadow, you would be swimming in it.

The Legend tracks straighter than the Shadow.The Shadow is wider mid ship so it (supposedly) turns easier when edged.

When I weighed less I squeezed into a Legend, it was fast and fun but twitchier than the Shadow given my height/weight 6’6"/210lbs at the time.

To open another can of boats, have you tried a used Azul Sultan?

Replacing the seat…
I think you could just shim out the new seat to get the right height if you replaced the stock seat. Then add a little bit of foam padding for the hips. That way you wouldn’t be sitting too low and trying to get a good fit by squeezing with your knees or pushing off with your feet…

You are tracking with what I was trying to get at. I thought about shimming the seat out, but will have to see based on the two different seats I am considering.

The first would be a Redfish foam seat. They are pretty well custom fit and I am not sure if shimming it out in th front would work well with this seat, but i won’t know until I try.

The other seat I am considering is a NDK high performance glass seat. I have one in my Explorer and have retrofitted them on other boats with great success. I really like that seat a lot; however, it sits on the bottom of the boat and has little rise in the front.

I may have to experiment with it; however, you are on track with what I am trying to avoid: having to push off with my feet etc in order to raise up my knees high enough to get a good fit.

I’ve found that a fiberglass seat is better for my forward stroke. The foam seats are cushy but I paddle better if the seat is a bit more slippery and doesn’t restrict my movement.

Azul Sultan
Very nice boat. Similar to Legend. Very quick.

I agree, but this particular seat is too narrow for me and cuts into my hips, and does not allow me hips to rotate back and forth, which is also important for a good forward stroke.

Any glass seat that hangs directly from the coaming is always going to be too tight on me. Frankly I don’t know how this can fit anything other than someone with a slim build.

I am somewhat stocky, but not overly so, and not fat. At 5’8 and 193 pounds I stockier than average, and don’t have like a rear end, but I guess it must be wider than average.

The NDK seats fit me quite well, as they are just a little wider than the coaming