Nigel Foster's Whisky 18 design?

Has anybody paddled the Whisky 18? On an Irish kayaking form it was stated that Foster thinks this is the best design he has come up with to date.

hi jon,

funny just reading ur notice. i have just spent the last few days having a few beers with nigel foster and the lads in point 65. have to say that Nigel is a wealth of knowledge and such a nice guy to talk too. He has promised me a vist to the emerald isle within the next few months and i’ll keep u posted about that… Althought he didn’t design the xp, he did design the whiskey… his thoughts for the design was to create a craft that would best suit the mid performance market, whilst still being user friendly for the novice. when poin65 launched the whiskey 16, they became aware of a large amount of xp paddlers that liked the speed and performance of the xp series, but would also like the versatility of the whiskey… the result, the whiskey 18… same charisteristics of the whiskey 16, however that 2 foot extra really boosts the speed and performance… in his own words… his best design just got better…

in reference to the prices, commonly the prices are very close to the swedish price, especially when u allow for carraige, and all the duties/vat…


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I paddled it. It’s nice. 'nough said.


Not enough Said

Oh that will never do. You need to talk about secondary stability and speed, and whether it turns better on inside or outside edge, does it broach while surfing, if it is confidence inspiring, how the thigh braces fit, whether the rear deck is low for layback rolls, etc. C’mon…you know the drill. Saying its a nice boat is just so counter PNet.

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might be used against me in a court of law…


gotta paddle what’s new and see how they perform. Nigel knows what he’s doin’…


I assumed he probably had created a very good boat. When I looked at the pictures of the full bow, hard chine, round bottom I simply wondered how he managed to make the bow neither wander or plow the water. Just a case of… “How did he do that?” Nice boat, probably does sum it up.

it’s a little
plump in the front and does stir up a bit more bow wake than a sleeker design but it didn’t seem to slow her down enough to matter. I’m guessing she’ll be plenty buoyant in lumpy stuff. IME, 18’ is as long as anyone wants to horse around in much wind/swell.

here I am giving ya info…




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I have neither higher level paddling skills or any boat design background, but do enjoy working with my hands. I've built one boat that is a little flat on the bottom and a tad full in the bow and I would probably do something different if I were to redo it, but not a clue what I would do different so when I saw Foster's boat with its' nose I was curious how it worked succesfully.

I once attended one of your workshops on boat design and I remembered how you like to approach it with a hull that pins the bow a bit. My hull was very loosely based on a Baidarka and I guess it is the skeg like stern of mine that keeps it from wandering, but when I saw the Whisky 18 I thought he might have something else in play. For me it was a hobby, no more, no less.

how about:
it’s 10 out of 10

that’s not counter :wink: