Night Heron Stitch and Glue Kayak

I am looking for someone in the Greater Boston Area who has build a Night Heron Stitch and Glue Kayak.

I am in the process of building one (almost finished) and need some assistance (advice) with the hatch cover assembly, fill coat and varnishing to get it done.

Maybe someone is out there who would like to share his/her expertise

I am absolutely new to boat building…and I would love to be able to use the boat when the weather gets nice.

Get in touch with Brazil Brazil on this

He built one of those beauties.

He hasn’t posted here in a while, but do a search, and I am sure you’ll find him.

We paddled with him in some rough water on Blackwater sound, a few years ago right after he finished it and the boat handled beautifully.

jack L

Jack L

Night Heron construction
Google “Kayak Forum” and you will find endless advice on every type of kayak construction,issues and solutions.


Nick’s blog
Have you seen Nick’s videos? he covers a lot in nice, easy to see and understand videos.

Building Night Heron challenge
Hello all,

thank you so much for your kind responses!

I took the boatbuilding class with Nick. I live in the city and don’t have a space to finish the boat, absolutely no prior woodworking experience and no tools. I did fine at the class because I could watch how other did it and could ask for some help if needed…

But I am very eager to finish this: it is an adventure! :slight_smile:


Night Heron
Yes, they are very helpful!

Hi Jack!

thank you so much for responding.

I searched Paul (Brazilbrasil) and he is located in SC. Too far away unfortunately…


why not call nick?
horse’s mouth and all that

Horse Mouth
Yes, Nick has been really nice and helpful and said I could call him. But I am afraid I would be too" high maintenance" over the phone with many silly basic questions…

I think I just need someone local who could help me with some operations…

web link…