Night Paddling?

Anyone paddle at night? I don’t mean rivers and rapids or anything, but we have alot of lakes around here that would be much cooler to paddle on at night. I know I would need proper lighting, but it seems like this would be fun!

Oh Yeah
Actually, this question comes up quite a bit. Some of us paddle at night more than we do in the daytime. Yes, there’s a “coolness” factor there, and I’m not talking about being the envy of anyone, just that it’s a whole other world at night, and there are lots of things to see and hear that you’ll miss if you only do day paddling.

Funny think happened
during a night paddle with my wife. A beaver slapped its tail and my wife had no idea what it was and she was startled by it and screamed out what the **** what that. Of course it was 3:00 am so I guess I don’t blame her. I have to admit that it did sound like some one tossed a bowling ball into the water. It was funny to hear her scream. We stopped and went back to the launch cause she was now spooked. Thinking about a 100# beaver attacking her. I talked her into going out again she was game until the beaver did it again. So much for the night on the river. Did a night ocean paddle in northern Maine with no moon out it was so nice can’t wait to do another one. Unless the beavers move into saltwater.

Enjoy night paddling
A dead calm northern Michigan lake, so dark you can’t make out the horizon or the far shore, no moon, just star light, you get the illusion you are flying. Very cool. River paddling at night is another thing all together. A bright head lamp is needed, and be mindful not to stare constantly into that beam of light you cast along the banks, it’s mesmerzing.

river paddling and on
lakes can be lots of fun at night. Had to pull off and camp 1 night due to the heavy fog on the river we couldn’t see the banks or obstructions till we ,were right on em.

night stalkers

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i have done several solo paddling/fishing trips on one of my local rivers and it's a blast. i usually choose to do so on a clear night when the moon is in it's first quarter, full or last quarter phase. the real fun is running the rapids and trying not to lose my gear.

2 pics of old canoe on a night paddling/fishing trip last year..