Nighthawk 16 compare to Falcon S18

Has anyone paddled or owned both of these kayaks? How do they handle compared to each other in turning perfomance? I plan on paddling both of them this spring when the ice goes out. I guess I’m just getting kind of antsy and want to hear other peoples’ opions before I try them out! Thanks — bill

The last time I paddled a Falcon 18 it felt like a straight-line missile, with no real interest in turning. But that was a while ago, and I’m pretty light (155lbs) for that boat. I also compare everything to my Avocet, which loves to turn.

While I haven’t paddled a Falcon18, I must say that the Nighthawk is quite maneuverable for it’s length. I don’t find it hard to turn. A little lean will turn it - add a sweep and it’s pretty responsive.


the S is
way more maneuverable than the original Falcon 18. Angstrom maybe that’s what you paddled. and yep not too good of a maneuvering comparison to the A!

The 18 is bigger, faster, straighter paddling than the NH. NH is smaller, sporty, more maneuverable.


Nighthawk vs. Falcon
I’ve paddled both and basically agree with the others. I like both boats. For straightline speed go with the Falcon ( that doesn’t mean I think the Nighthawk is slow). I think one other thing to consider is your storage requirements. You can get alot more stuff into the Falcon.

Probably right
It was back when they were still making the Falcon 16.