Nighthawk 17.5 or Prijon Kodiak

I am going to test paddle both of these boats in the next coulple of weeks. I was wondering if any of you have paddled both and what your opinions are. I know the Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5 is a bit more money than the Prijon kodiak. There are a few others too but these two seem to have very favorable reviews.

I’d say the NH17.5 is worth a little extra cost at the onset but I am very very biased. Regardless of cost the foremost concern is getting a boat that is best suited to your interests, fit and paddling style. Once you paddle the two head to head and try a couple more on either side (the NH16, Phoenix and Falcon from Eddyline for comparison and whatever other open water designs and manufacturing or material options that Prijon offers) for a more educated comparison it comes down to which is “built for you” and at that point you’ll know which one that is. Either boat would have a nice long life expectancy if cared for and a great deal on a boat that isn’t quite right is just going to have you shopping again in a year or two. The moral of this missive is try before you buy, a few times if possible.

The question is
Oaky, the question is complicated by one boat being blow-molded PE (the Prijon) and one being thermoformed (the Eddyline). So it’s kind of an tangerines vs. oranges question (a la apples and oranges). There are a number of resources out here in cyberland that will detail the strengths and weaknesses of each material/manufacturing option. I for one am biased toward thermoformed, but that’s just one paddler’s opinion. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in each style and am stoked on thermoformed boats. However, you’re sure to get just as many very informed opinions saying the opposite. Once again it comes down to finding a way to try before you buy and getting some info on each boat’s material/construction.

Prijon Kodiak

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If you have any questions about the Kodiak, post them on the Prijon Kayak Club (subject line) Forum in message boards and anyone who owns one (several have already posted) will answer.

Speed in water , efficiency, is one factor and only one factor in your purchase. This chart ranks efficiency of speed for the top 104 boats. Nighthawk Eddyline is ranked #45. The Prijon Kodiak, and I am biased ftgjr but this is objective, is ranked at #35 (ie. better for efficiency at 4-5 knots speed).

Finally, Renata Chlumska is paddling a red Kodiak as part of her 11k mile oddessey around the USA, and is you scroll through her pics, you can see how wonderful this boat is in many types of seas. As an owner of three (and soon to be four) Prijons, I think you should definitely make time to demo this super German boat.

eBay, right at the moment has two demoed Kodiaks for sale, one by a tour specialist, who might be able to answer your queries.

go with the Kodiak
Hey, I got a Prijon Kodiak last summer and I honestly don’t think a better boat exists. Its extremely fast, yet because its plastic its practically indestructable. Read the book “In the Wake of the Jomon” that just came out…a guy paddled a Kodiak all the way from Japan to Alaska. But hey, my personal bias aside I think definitely the kodiak on account of durability


it will all come down to how they feel when I demo them.

I haven’t tried the Kodiak
but I demoed the Nighthawk 17.5. Don’t even look at that boat unless you are a very large person (IMHO).