Nighthawk16 or Stratos14.5s

I have been away from kayaking for a while now used to paddle whitewater with my riot superstar sold it had kids got older want to get back into paddling more flat water tripping maybe still occasionally river. I am considering a Dagger Stratos 14.5S everything I seen looks like a fun and versatile boat but recently noticed an Eddyline Nighthawk16 that someone is selling used for $1000 looks to be in great shape research it and I’m intrigued it seems fast and somewhat versatile as well. I’m 5’9” 175 so I think I will fit both. So I’m a little torn looking for some good advice, thanks.

Dagger comes from whitewater background, and I suspect you will find the way the boat fits and adjusts is more to a white water paddler’s preference.

Eddyline boats are a bit lighter and good for flat water. Likely a little faster and less maneuverable. If you stick on flat water, that may be preferable. But if you do have thoughts of going on moving water, the Dagger likely would be better (though still not something the average person should even be on real class II or above with).

I like playful boats and found the Nighthawk 16 more difficult to turn than I prefer. Not familiar with the Stratos.

The Nighthawk 16 has plenty of foot room for my size 8 Chota Mukluk Lites.

The Nighthawk 16 was a pretty good fit for me at 5’6” and 165 lbs.