Nimbus Feather

Does anyone have experience with a Nimbus Feather paddle, which looks to be somewhere between a wing and a euro? Only place I can find mention is the Nimbus site.

I have the Nimbus Feather and am happy with it; although I seem to be moving toward Greenland paddles. I noticed no particular speed difference in going to the Feather from my other Euros. But then I am not a racer. I’ve had the paddle for several years and find that it has held up well.

Steve Schleicher designed the Feather and has been a mainstay in Nimbus Kayaks (rather than Nimbus Paddles). Just as a random fact, he also designed the Ice Kap now made by Sterling Kayaks.

My wife has a Nimbus Zephyr which she really likes. Of course, it’s a different style paddle.

Interesting, thanks for the reply!