Nimbus Puffin

I am considering the purchase of a Nimbus Puffin. The owner lives about two hours from me so I would like to find out a bit about the kayak before the trip. Is this a good boat for a beginner looking to use it in flat/lake waters?

I am a large man: 6’2, 220 lbs, with 12 inch feet. Any advice would be appreciated. I also am having some problem finding comparable pricing for this boat. He states that he does not know the year of manufacture. The photo of the boat looks OK.


The Puffin

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I paddled one 10+ years ago. I had no complaints about the kayak but these are really old kayaks. You would need to be concerned about the quality of plastic because of age. I am 5'8' with 9.5 feet and I like the fit. Yes this is a good boat for Tahoe and for a beginner, but I would not pay more than $400 unless it is pristine.

My first kayak was a Puffin . It was a tight fit for my big feet , it has a

integrated plastic skirt to keep the water out . It has good stability and

handles pretty well . The plastic is thick , or was on my boat . They made

them in several different places , British Columbia , Australia , ect . It may

weigh a good amount but it should be sturdy .John