Nimbus Telkwa

I have an opportunty to purchase a Nimbus Telkwa for 30% off (last years model). Unfortunately I am not able to demo. I am 5’9" and 175 lbs. Would be using for mostly day touring on lakes and large rivers, though would have occassion to go out for 2-3 nites. It is 18’3" long and 24 1/4 wide, so seems very high volume. I am interested in any positive or negative experiences folks have had with Nimbus and particularly the Telkwa model.



Good Boat for Big Guys
I used a Nimbus Telkwa 3 yrs ago on a guided tour. This was a combination of sheltered paddling and exposed to 3-5 foot ocean swell, with some light winds.

I was 260 lbs at the time and the boat was still huge. I had way to much room in it. So, I think you need to be in the 260 lbs plus range to really fit in this boat.

Also, I found the boat almost unmanageable without the rudder. I think a rudder is a must on this model.

However, it was very comfortable in rougher conditions. In ocean swell, the boat was very confidence inspiring. Seemed to behave very well with no twitchiness or unexpected surprises. If you use the rudder, it is a very confidence inspiring boat for somewhat more exposed conditions.

Another benefit is the ability to carry a lot (too much?) of gear, if you are inclined.

I would guess that it is way too big for you, but I would recommend at a minimum that you try one out first before spending the money.

Also, take a look at The owner of the website has a Telkwa and provides quite a bit of information on that boat.

Wes Boyd’s Kayak Place
Check this site for a good review of the Telkwa…

I believe it was also reviewed in Seakayaker Magazine. Check it online at


I’ve Paddled w/ Wes Many Times
This is probably the BEST boat I’ve ever seen for BIG guys (280-350 lbs., maybe).

It’s entry lines seem as (or more) efficient than the Current Design lines.

It is a great boat, but you better be able to fill the cockpit…