Niobrara R in May

Looking for local experience & shuttle support for 2-3 day paddle on the Niobrara sometime in mid May. I will be traveling with a solo canoe, and date(s) are somewhat open at this time.



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....I've been wanting to do the Neobrara for years. Finally made it there years back and Margaret was sick so I didn't get to paddle. Some of the friendliest people in the country IMHO? Anyway, I'm envious. I really liked Valentine, NE and noticed several outfitters there:

I did the upper portion from
near Valentine through the wilderness area, and ending at the State Park. I think you will find at least a few outfitters up and running when you’re there. The lower section has the rapids, but the unspoiled upper section has much to recommend it.

It may get high at times in May, but unless it goes totally out of its banks, it should be safe enough with eddies and options for landing. If you run the section with occasional rapids, allow for scouting and an occasional portage with high water.