Nitro forgiving in III like Kingpin 6.3?

I’m 5’11"/170+/sz9 and still quite a novice who is looking for something a touch faster and not too much more challenging than the wide, forgiving, stable but slooow Kingpin 6.3 that I use for river running Class II-IV. I’m still new and somewhat inexperienced in IV, but don’t like bigger, less maneuverable boats like the Diesel 65 I started out on as much as I did as a newbie.

Those Nitro edges look useful and fun, but potentially kinda grabby, too – only a little more so, or a lot?

I want a little more challenge and I want more speed and control, too, but I don’t suddenly want to start having a bracing and rolling clinic every time I get in bigger water or rapids :slight_smile: … does it roll more forgivingly than a KP, just in case?

Stable and fun boat? Or very challening but fun?