Nixy Monterey - any experience?

I came across the Nixy Monterey iSUP and didn’t find any of the ususal paid reviews on website or discussion on forums. I assume it is a new board that is not reviewed yet. Other Nixy boards seem to receive good reviews. Does anyone have knowledge of that or have an otherwise qualified opinion?
What I like:

  • dual air chamber
  • modern dropstitch with carbon rail and light weight. Not all inexpensive boards have the newer dropstitch.
  • US-fin box and all fins removable
  • Actually useful accessories like carbon paddel and triple-action pump. Most other packages have accessories one has to replace soon
  • seems to be a good value it being direct-sale

Anyone have experience with this?

I can’t comment on that model, but I’ve had a Nixy Manhattan that I bought in 2017 or early 2018 (can’t remember) and it’s been great. No quality or performance issues at all. I keep it pumped up to ~18 psi, have hauled it on my roof rack inflated, and have even left it inflated for the last 2 summers in my uninsulated shop that gets quite hot.

Thanks for the insight. Yes the Manhattan seems to be a great speed iSUP based on the reviews.

I’m a bit confused about their pressure rating. The boards ae described to be pumped to 15 psi. But the page with the description of their dropstitch says up to 20 psi. Obviously if it is officially allowed to 20 psi, that would be great and would set them apart from most manufacturers.

The valve on mine says 20 psi, as did the owners manual as I recall. It seems fine at 15 psi but I’ve always run it around 18 and have had no issues.

I actually bought the Monterey! We have Winter coming now, so I only could set it up in my living rooms. I like it so far!

I asked support about inflating the 2-chambers since the manual says 15 psi and the site about their dropstitch talks about 20 psi. They stated they actually have updated the dropstitch from what they have on the website and that the pressure shall be 15 psi. My valves also say 15 psi. So they may have changed that from your generation of iSUP. Or they now just have a different comfort level (lawyers!) of what they want people to do. Some people leave them out in the sun etc. I’m sure if they say 15psi, they are tested to 20+ psi.