NJ canoe registration - necesssary?

I bought a 17 ft grumman from someone on craigslist last year. Apparently here in NJ I am supposed to register it, but to be honest, I have no documents, receipts, bills of sale, etc for the boat. The guy scribbled one out, but I misplaced it over the winter. Nor do I have his name at this point. It only cost $300, and it is as dented as an old tin pot.

Do I REALLY have to worry about this? I am not planning on using a motor or anything. Can I “find” a bill of sale and bring that in to the DMV? Can I just tell the park police it’s my cousin’s boat from Delaware on loan for a few days?

Obviously, I think it’s stupid that canoes are not exempt. I’m used to NY law, where they are.

Only if you put a motor on it
Gas or electric, do you have to register it. But it is good to have some type of proof of sale, to protect yourself. Jus make sure you wear your PFD.

It’s both foolish and cruel to expect
private owners like yourself to come up with a bill of sale for registration. I would have the same problem with some of my boats, if I moved to NJ.

I would have a frank talk with them (leave the boat at home) and see if they have any reasonable remedy to offer. If they are unreasonable, you will just have to learn to paddle under their radar, by staying on smaller rivers and lakes that are not patrolled.

One possibly effective trick would be to register the boat in another state where you don’t need a bill of sale. You can put on some big 3" letters and numbers, and probably be protected by NJ reciprocity.

Nope, not yet anyway

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As Mr. Leob1 said, only iffin' yer put a motor (gas or 'lectric) on it. Hefty fine iffin' yer dun't have a lifevest on board fer each person an' dem young'ons under 13 got'ta waar dem.

Fat Elmo

Sorry, leob1, should have read your
post before I pontificated. Sounds like NJ law is similar to GA law with motors being the deciding factor for registration.

Jersey Paddler says No
I live in NJ and bought an OT Penobscot at Jersey Paddler earlier this year, and the fellow who sold it to me told me it’s not necessary here in the Garden State. But since I live in a township that requires pet owners to license their cats, nothing would surprise me :wink: