NJ kayak trips

I am looking for places to kayak camp with a 17’ touring kayak in and around NJ. The only place I have done this so far is Round Valley Reservoir in Clinton, NJ. I know that the pine barrens have several rivers that you can camp along but not sure if suitable for a 17 ft sea kayak.

Lots of great
places in the Pine Barrens for kayak camping, however you’d have a very hard time with your 17’ boat in those small rivers/creeks. They just aren’t big enough for a craft that long to be manageable. Especially given the number of blowdowns, strainers, and amount of debris often requiring carry overs or portages.

You could however do a nice 1-3 nights along the Delaware river, there are some great stretches of water, especially at the upper reaches, with plenty of places to stop over night.

Good luck.

any suggestions
DO you have suggested campover sites…are these established campgrounds or just free places to pull off the river?

Any online resources or guides

There are

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several true campsites to stop at, such as those in the Delaware Water Gap recreation area. Here is a link to a site with info on put ins, take outs, and gauges: http://www.delaware-survey.ncspldc.org/. One good resource is the book Keystone Canoeing by Gertler http://www.amazon.com/Keystone-canoeing-canoeable-eastern-Pennsylvania/dp/096059082X/ref=sr_1_13/104-1403010-6003942?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1187121251&sr=1-13
another is Canoeing the Delaware River by Letcher http://www.amazon.com/Canoeing-Delaware-River-Gary-Letcher/dp/0813524512/ref=sr_1_7/104-1403010-6003942?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1187121220&sr=1-7.

Also if you post this in the Getting Together & Going Paddling forum or the Advice forum many others who are familiar with the Delaware from NY through NJ/PA can weigh in with more detailed information.

Finally there is a good Places 2 Paddle report here on Paddling.net as well:

Split Rock
Split Rock Reservoir in Morris County is a great spot to paddle. Camping is officially not allowed, but that doesn’t seem to stop anybody. On any given weekend you’ll find people camped on one of the islands or along the shore.

which did you paddle
Spruce Run is in Clinton and Round Valley is in Lebanon. The two impoundments are only about 10 miles apart. RV is about a 9 mile circumnavigation and pretty straight forward. Spruce Run has a shore that is very irregular with plenty of coves to explore.

Suggest Raritan Bay up to South River as an alternative to consider.