NJ Pine Barrens - never paddled before!

We live in North Jersey and would like to do some paddling in the Pine Barrens once it warms up a bit (but before I deliver the baby that is supposed to arrive in mid-June!). We are 2 (possibly 3) adults plus a 4-year-old, and we have our own canoe. Although we have books and info re. paddling the Barrens, I’d really like to go with a guide or another family that knows the area (geography, plants, wildlife, etc.) well. Can anyone suggest a local outfitter/rental place that leads guided tours even if we don’t rent? I’m also interested in a shuttle option (if they don’t end up where they start). And when (if ever) are the region’s biting bugs not awful?

Thanks in advance. Can’t wait for spring to arrive so we can get paddling again!

pine barren
there are rental for trip in barren if need yak/canoe also they do have shuttle.one good way is keep an eye out for clubs that run trip and clubs do their own shuttle.it nice trip and water is cedar,can be wide as 3foot to 15+ wide across.it can be paddling year around depending on the winter,can be frozen at times.

easy put in and take out to,may places to pull over for break and lunch stop.sandy beaches and there are camping places/spots,that can be reserve for weekend and during the week…

so enjoy the pine barren and it nice place to paddle

Check out de HRCKC…

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Hackensack River Canoe & Kayak Club


based out of Northern Joisey. We do de Pine Barrens all de time.

Thaar also be de Mohawk Canoe Club in West Central Joisey http://www.mohawkcanoeclub.org an' de Outdoor Club Of South Jersey http://www.ocsj.org

Fat Elmo

Look around in here

Also http://home.comcast.net/~wwrivrrat/padzone.htm

Go with Fat Elmo
The entertainment alone is worth the drive. And the skills and experience to be passed along you will not get from an outfitter. Just let him know the ages of your children so you get admission to the family rated trip, not the R rated trip. And your kids might get credit for a foreign language if they can understand him.

Seriously, there are several clubs that do regular trips and going with any of them is far better than with an outfitter. The Philadelphia Canoe Club is another with almost weekly trips into the Pine Barrens. They regularly do Cedar Creek, the Tom’s River, The Greater Egg Harbor River, the Mullica, the Batsto, the Wading, and others. See their website for the schedule, all trips are open to non-members. They have good trip leaders, but none with Fat Elmo’s celebrity status.