NJ Pine Barrens Trip-

Hello All-

thinking about taking a trip south (from MA)in early april and the Pine barrens seems like a decent choice for a paddle/camping trip or perhaps a series of day trips. Any info, either firsthand or otherwise would be greatly appreciated. I’ve contacted Wharton SF and they are sending me what they’ve got.

Thanks for the help-


Try jsska.org
Post your question there. I’m pretty sure these guys paddle around there and can help.


The Pines
I agree that the Mullica is a nice stretch, but you will run into a lot of other paddlers and campers. The Batsto gets much less use and is almost always a solitary paddling/camping experience because of its remoteness and the hassle of shuttling vehicles. For the perfect day trip through the Pines, the Oswego ranks at or near the top. Unfortunately you can’t camp on it (at least not legally…). I would also agree to get the Parnes book if you haven’t already, you won’t go wrong.

If this is you first trip down, your in for a treat. This is the biggest tract of wilderness in the mid-atlantic U.S. There’s no mountains in the pines if that’s your thing, but there’s more history and legends per square mile than any other place that I know of.