NJ store that stocks kids wetsuits ?

Anyone know of a store in NJ (I am in Hunterdon County) that stocks kids full length wetsuits. I’m looking for one for my 6 year old kid, but am having trouble going by sizing charts. The last shorty wetsuit I ordered online came to be too big which renders it useless til he grows into it.I’d rather just try them on in a store.

Don’t wait too long to recheck the
shorty. Neoprene gradually loses the gas that is used to expand it, and as the gas leaks out, the wetsuit will fit tighter. I had a wetsuit custom made. It fit beautifully when first received. I stored it for a number of years because, in Georgia, we just don’t use them often. When eventually I tried it on again, it was so small in every dimension (not just where I have gotten fatter) that I couldn’t wear it. Some Patagonia neoprene shorts I bought later have showed some shrinkage.

In what watery environments will your son be wearing the wetsuit?

kids wetsuit
Have you tried contacting any of your local diving stores. I know my local scuba store in Rockaway, NJ carrys a full line of wet suits for all sizes including children. If the child’s size was not in stock, most store operators will not mind even having some shipped in so you may try them on for sizing. It’s worth a shot.

NRS sells an adjustable kid’s wetsuit
It’s a Farmer John with snaps to adjust the shoulder strap lengths. Reasonable price, too.

Here’s the link

They also sell auxiliary shoulder straps to accommodate upward growth.

The only kids’ wetsuits with long legs AND sleeves I’ve seen offered were surfing suits sold by Sierra Trading Post. Can’t remember the brands, but they might have been O’Neil, Camaro, or BodyGlove.

If the suit is too big in girth but not in length, you can layer another thin neoprene piece inside it, such as a vest or short-sleeved shirt.

EZ — Any Good surfshop …
Is Ocean Hut in Lavalette (sp?) Still there ?

The O’Neals are made the slim-est cut ones for kids IMO.