NKD! CD Prana

That’s “New Kayak Day”. :smiley:
A couple of months ago I decided it was time for a composite boat. You all have lead me astray. I’ve had a CD Scirocco for several years, and love it…except for the weight. So, did some research and set my little heart on a CD Prana. Made some calls/emails and the gist of the response was “yeah, good luck with that”. I think getting a new one would put me sometime in 2023.
I was about to give up and made one last search - lo, there was a used one up in Iowa! I even liked the color! Two weeks and a quick 2 day 1700 mile road trip later, she’s mine!
Did a very quick shake down on a quiet corner of Lake Travis yesterday. First impressions are that she is definitely faster, and also turns much easier. Stability is not so different from the Scirocco (it was a very calm day on the lake so hard to tell)…maybe a bit less primary.
Will be heading down to Port O’Connor for a little TX Gulf (inside) action on Thursday.

Shout out to Jeff at Canoe Sport Outfitters in Indianola, Iowa. Great guy (with a nice stock of boats btw). He met me at 10:30pm at his store to do the deal!

Here’s just a slightly blurry pic from yesterday…



Congrats, beautiful boat!

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Very nice! Great colors too!

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HAHA! Thanks for the laugh. I also love the colors. Hope you’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

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For all the reasons I can think of to make a 1700 mile road trip, bringing home a new kayak has to be one of the best. Have fun. That is such a well-designed kayak!

CD fanboy here nice hull. Enjoy many safe miles!

Thanks all. It became apparent that a road trip would be needed almost whichever way I went, and at least Iowa was feasible in one day. I loaded up with podcasts and, actually, it was fine, except for the stretch of I35 between Dallas and Austin, which is always populated with absolute lunatics.

I’ll include one more pic here, without my silly grin. I’ll upload some pics from the Gulf Coast trip the weekend.



Enjoy your new ride! Cool color scheme.

I came across a used Prana LV in 2018 and brought it home. Every so often I ask myself why I have a 17-foot boat since it can be awkward moving it around tight corners on land and I don’t do overnight adventures.

When I paddle it, I have my answer.


Beautiful boat! I also love the colours!
I just got my Sirocco, so will be happy with it for a bit at least :wink: What differences are there between the two (other than the weight and that the Prana is glass)? I’m curious why you didn’t choose the Gulfstream!

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congrats on the Sirocco! I loved mine and had some great trips with it. The fact that they are still making it says a lot.
I posted some more impressions in a post called “Prana at the Gulf”. Choosing the Prana over the Gulfstream? Well, either would work wonderfully I’m sure, but, no real reason, just sort of gravitated that way, bought into the marketing coolaid! (The video on the CD homepage is pretty cool, plus read a lot of good things about the Prana on here).

The lighter weight is very welcome (I’m no spring chicken). It contributes to the added speed and ease of turning. I love the little front day hatch, and my Sirocco was getting a bit elderly (2002 build) with a few little niggles. I just sold it actually, but if I had room I would have probably kept it for bouncing around on the river. Prana is snugger in the cockpit and a little tippier, but still very comfortable (actually the seat is more comfortable).

Keep us posted on adventures with the Sirocco!

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Completely different design top and bottom. Just from my :eyes: never been in either.

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Very cool!! Thanks for the little run down! I’ll go find your other post!!
I’m starting out with sea kayaking and really looking forward to it with my Sirocco (also getting up there: it’s a 2005 :slight_smile: