No ash

Git a load o’ dis…

Okay, I call this a hoax. Maybe someone with better internet skills than I have can find some evidence that it’s true, but nothing comes up when I search. I can’t find the name of that ecologist anywhere either, and you’d think that wouldn’t be hard to do if this story were true.

I deleted my first post, but the key thing that made me question this is that there’s nothing about that blog post that makes the slightest bit of sense. Ash-borer larvae burrow beneath the bark, within the living tissue of the tree, not within the wood that’s used for making paddles, gunwales, and the like. A park ecologist would know this, and any park ecologist who said something as stupid as what’s quoted in that link has to be a political appointee, rather than someone with any education in biology.

Okay, I was suckered. I forgot that today is April 1!!!

FE is just being an ash.

I have a recently demised Ash tree in my front yard.

I have live ash in my stove… Its snowing and the wood stove is making ash

@String said:
FE is just being an ash.

You can bet your ash on that, partner.