No Brand Loyalty Here

Seeing another poster’s fleet of kayaks all from the same manufacturer made me think that I appear to have no brand loyalty at all. Since I got into touring kayaks and have flipped a few, moved up in length and gone from plastic to fiberglass to Kevlar, plus keeping kayaks at two locations, I’ve had the following brands (roughly in order of when I got them):

Seaward - still have
Wilderness Systems (x2)
Old Town
Necky (x2) - still have one
Easy Rider
Hydra - still have, my “super beater” kayak
Pygmy - still have
QCC - still have
Eddyline - still have

I am slowing down though. Most of those “still haves” are feeling like keepers.

I do/will get multiple from companies I have had good experience with
I’ve bought unseen multiple kayaks from Sterling (& would again)
I would buy multiple from Turning Point Boatworks (I’m expecting the next one to be of interest to me)

and now for ‘too much information’:


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The Petrel ? or the fishing kayak? :wink:

I’m afraid I don’t fish. Maybe I should learn, that Jackson Apex Tyr looks kind of cool (and kind of pricey).

raisins, that is the most impressive sports “appliance” database I’ve ever seen!

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I’ll second that. For me, some of the years run together and I have never kept close track of how many times I’ve paddled in a particular year, how many total miles, average trip and certainly not average speed. I seldom take a GPS and usually only if I am on a trip or will be crossing shipping lanes. Looking at these numbers I’m not sure if I wish I had or glad that I haven’t because to my way of thinking a 38 year average speed of 3.79 kts is out of my class.

I definitely moved faster when that was my priority but as time goes on I find that I place my priorities on handling at the expense of speed and do more park and play. So I probably don’t want to know what my average speed is. As it is, I am very impressed with what you have assembled there and the amount of paddling you do and your overall average speed.

BTW…Which Sterling boat are you using. I had an Illusion for 5 years and have paddled a Progression for 4 years. The Progression is one slow puppy but boy how she plays.

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actually (I should have specified), speed is in mph (I know, not very ‘nautical’)
though it is an ‘overall’ avg (rest, meal stops included) and I haven’t ‘filtered’ out surf or rolling sessions (eg, I know the Petrel Play (TurningPoint) is over 4mph when filtering out surf sessions)

That sums up my feeling for paddling.
I used to - sort of - get irritated when people asked me if I had ‘fun’ on my paddling trip.
I don’t paddle ‘for fun’, I paddle because - I just have to.
However, that doesn’t mean I can’t have some ‘fun’ when I do paddle.
This is also why I like the flat blades as opposed to the more efficient wing paddles, they’re more ‘fun’.

I live in a cigar box of a condo, and drive an inexpensive car, but do spend a bit on kayaks - expanding the ‘Sterling’ category from above chart:

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Our history shows a tilt towards Brit boats once in fiberglass, but a good variety thru brands. White water boats also crossed the ocean, mostly US-made but Jim’s last one was a Brit company.

My last boat will probably be US or Canadian, a super light pack boat. I just loaded up the Vela for an early evening paddle and with the Hullivator I have no complaints. But I increasingly dread having to load the other side even with rollers to help get the boat onto the saddle/glide pad combo.

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A man has to have his priorities in order.

For sea kayaks, I have P&H, Seaward Nigel Foster, Wilderness Systems, KajakSport, Valley, Current Designs, Impex, Boreal Design, SKUK/NDK, Zegul, Tiderace. So I certainly cannot claim any terribly strong loyalty. I will say Current Designs has earned a sense of loyalty from me over the years for kayak performance, build quality, and service.

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It’s what works for my application. I have all CD hulls with rudders. I want one skeg hull probably a Cetus HV. I don’t like any of the CD Danish hulls. Probably only thing I wouldn’t buy is a Chinese hull.

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I’m curious. How much do you weigh?

between 135 & 140 (closer to 135 after a 45mile paddle)

Raisins’ d’etre
is sure to get ya
far out as one can sea,

and out of the box
per paddock he stocks
with yak herd running constantly