No Brand Loyalty Here

Seeing another poster’s fleet of kayaks all from the same manufacturer made me think that I appear to have no brand loyalty at all. Since I got into touring kayaks and have flipped a few, moved up in length and gone from plastic to fiberglass to Kevlar, plus keeping kayaks at two locations, I’ve had the following brands (roughly in order of when I got them):

Seaward - still have
Wilderness Systems (x2)
Old Town
Necky (x2) - still have one
Easy Rider
Hydra - still have, my “super beater” kayak
Pygmy - still have
QCC - still have
Eddyline - still have

I am slowing down though. Most of those “still haves” are feeling like keepers.

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I do/will get multiple from companies I have had good experience with
I’ve bought unseen multiple kayaks from Sterling (& would again)
I would buy multiple from Turning Point Boatworks (I’m expecting the next one to be of interest to me)

and now for ‘too much information’:



The Petrel ? or the fishing kayak? :wink:

I’m afraid I don’t fish. Maybe I should learn, that Jackson Apex Tyr looks kind of cool (and kind of pricey).

raisins, that is the most impressive sports “appliance” database I’ve ever seen!


I’ll second that. For me, some of the years run together and I have never kept close track of how many times I’ve paddled in a particular year, how many total miles, average trip and certainly not average speed. I seldom take a GPS and usually only if I am on a trip or will be crossing shipping lanes. Looking at these numbers I’m not sure if I wish I had or glad that I haven’t because to my way of thinking a 38 year average speed of 3.79 kts is out of my class.

I definitely moved faster when that was my priority but as time goes on I find that I place my priorities on handling at the expense of speed and do more park and play. So I probably don’t want to know what my average speed is. As it is, I am very impressed with what you have assembled there and the amount of paddling you do and your overall average speed.

BTW…Which Sterling boat are you using. I had an Illusion for 5 years and have paddled a Progression for 4 years. The Progression is one slow puppy but boy how she plays.


actually (I should have specified), speed is in mph (I know, not very ‘nautical’)
though it is an ‘overall’ avg (rest, meal stops included) and I haven’t ‘filtered’ out surf or rolling sessions (eg, I know the Petrel Play (TurningPoint) is over 4mph when filtering out surf sessions)

That sums up my feeling for paddling.
I used to - sort of - get irritated when people asked me if I had ‘fun’ on my paddling trip.
I don’t paddle ‘for fun’, I paddle because - I just have to.
However, that doesn’t mean I can’t have some ‘fun’ when I do paddle.
This is also why I like the flat blades as opposed to the more efficient wing paddles, they’re more ‘fun’.

I live in a cigar box of a condo, and drive an inexpensive car, but do spend a bit on kayaks - expanding the ‘Sterling’ category from above chart:

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Our history shows a tilt towards Brit boats once in fiberglass, but a good variety thru brands. White water boats also crossed the ocean, mostly US-made but Jim’s last one was a Brit company.

My last boat will probably be US or Canadian, a super light pack boat. I just loaded up the Vela for an early evening paddle and with the Hullivator I have no complaints. But I increasingly dread having to load the other side even with rollers to help get the boat onto the saddle/glide pad combo.

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A man has to have his priorities in order.

For sea kayaks, I have P&H, Seaward Nigel Foster, Wilderness Systems, KajakSport, Valley, Current Designs, Impex, Boreal Design, SKUK/NDK, Zegul, Tiderace. So I certainly cannot claim any terribly strong loyalty. I will say Current Designs has earned a sense of loyalty from me over the years for kayak performance, build quality, and service.

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It’s what works for my application. I have all CD hulls with rudders. I want one skeg hull probably a Cetus HV. I don’t like any of the CD Danish hulls. Probably only thing I wouldn’t buy is a Chinese hull.

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I’m curious. How much do you weigh?

between 135 & 140 (closer to 135 after a 45mile paddle)

Raisins’ d’etre
is sure to get ya
far out as one can sea,

and out of the box
per paddock he stocks
with yak herd running constantly

Very good stats and wonderful perspective. Kayaking isn’t the same for everyone. 3meterswell explained the concept of fun in a way that I tried, but don’t think I explained as well. My experience is limited and generally under specific conditions. It’s impressive to see your dedication. Thanks for sharing.

10k is a lot of trips. 6 days a week? I’m lucky to get 1 a week. Any worn out joints?

Agree kevberg. I’m lucky to get once a week presently. Most I ever did was three in one week. The miles I see racked up is an . . . Inspiration. Hats off to all y’all!

Everytime I moved (Rochester MN, Kirkland WA, Jacksonville FL) I got closer and closer to paddling availability.
I now paddle (mostly) 7 days a week. (9/4/19 was the last day I didn’t paddle)
No joint problems. My current problem is finding pogies that don’t chafe my skin. (even FL gets into the 40’s)