No contact from the 'Contact Us'

I have attempted to make contact with over the period of 2 months now - with no success. I have used their on-line form method & direct emails to two contacts on their ‘Contact Us’ page. I am wondering if anyone else has had issues in the past - or is this page AI generated and there is no humans running this page.

What’s up, I am here.

What link did you use for Contact Us so I can check settings and see what is going on.



Greetings…thanks for a reply.

Initially, clicked on the ‘Request Advertising Info’ Advertising Inquiry

After a month or so of no reply (never got a copy sent to me, so can’t tell ya exact date), sent off an email to Advertising/sales Advertise |

Lastly, on Dec 4th emailed your webmaster link on your page with above concern.


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Thanks for the info, I will check with the team on where these should be going and have someone get back to you.


HI there again… I am still awaiting a reply from one of your staff.

Still looking into this, for now, try this link: