No contact from the 'Contact Us'

I have attempted to make contact with over the period of 2 months now - with no success. I have used their on-line form method & direct emails to two contacts on their ‘Contact Us’ page. I am wondering if anyone else has had issues in the past - or is this page AI generated and there is no humans running this page.

What’s up, I am here.

What link did you use for Contact Us so I can check settings and see what is going on.



Greetings…thanks for a reply.

Initially, clicked on the ‘Request Advertising Info’ Advertising Inquiry

After a month or so of no reply (never got a copy sent to me, so can’t tell ya exact date), sent off an email to Advertising/sales Advertise |

Lastly, on Dec 4th emailed your webmaster link on your page with above concern.


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Thanks for the info, I will check with the team on where these should be going and have someone get back to you.


HI there again… I am still awaiting a reply from one of your staff.

Still looking into this, for now, try this link:


Sorry to butt in on this thread, but it’s the only way I could find to contact the site administrator.

Starting on 19 March 2024, I receive a message that says “there’s a problem with your account, contact site administration”. If I click around do a couple of refreshes, then I’m suddenly logged on.

Further, when I have looked at my account, it shows my location as “Mac” and somewhere in Illinois. I’m in West Virginia.

I’d really appreciate hearing back from you. Since I may not be able to read anything posted, you may need to email me directly. I’m assuming you have that information.


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Your account looks normal in the backend. This could be a browser issue as the browser is what handles the login data. I don’t see a location set on your profile. You may be seeing something based on an IP address. Try using a different browser and see if that resolves your issue.


Not sure if this helps, but my devices all think I’m in Chicago, hundreds of miles away. I’m in the UP of Michigan. It’s because we have Starlink, and that’s where our internet is coming from, apparently. It’s frustrating , because my iPad is always giving me suggestions for things that are nowhere near me.

The “Mac” location could be your device (Apple/ Mac laptop or tablet?).

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Thanks . Yeah, I figured the ‘Mac’ was about my ipad, but the distant location had me worried that someone had hijacked my account and was clandestinely logging on under my name. I’m a total techno-nudge and always worried about data theft. Given the recent, ummmm, testy threads I was concerned about that.

OK, thanks. I’ve started signing in on and then going to community menu instead of directly under forums.paddling. It adds an additional step as I have to sign in again under forums but at least there’s no error message. I’m using safari, have for years, so it nothing has changed on my end except IOS updates to my ipad.

But FYI, I experience frequent error messages when I use the forums menu and click on ‘new posts’ or ‘unread’. If I click on the menu again, it takes me to the page.

Is there some way to contact you admin folks that could be put under the FAQ or someplace? I sure as heck couldn’t find anyway other this public posting. Given that my concern was being hacked, I really didn’t want the problem to be public.

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On the community pages, there’s a Contact Us link in the footer at the bottom of every page.



Hey Jason,

The ‘contact us’ link at the bottom takes you to the message boards. There is no way direct email to y’all.

Please select the appropriate contact from the list below. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, typically within a day or two.

Go Paddling App - issues with app - submit an issue

Advertising / Salesrequest advertising information

General Questions on Paddlesports

If you have a question about a boat, technique or destination that an experienced paddler could answer, you are encouraged to post your question(s) on one of the Message Boards so this community of paddlers can help you.

I’ll look into it.


OK, yes you can click the Submit an issue link from the Go Paddling App section there. Then select the option for “I am having trouble logging in to my account” then at the bottom of that section it shows the email for contacting us.


Thanks, Jason. That helps. This post resulted because another member was asking how to delete a thread they started that went completely off the rails into a 2nd Amendment debate and worse. I don’t know if @string has solved that yet.

Thanks again.

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Hey Daren ,
Yup. This site is a far cry from the old P-net. Offering continous spams on what we missed, whats new, welcome notes like you got, all irrelevant to why you’re on site. Their interest is vested in a monitary policy, not altruism. Good luck with your efforts. We all have to put up with this until someone starts a new site devoted to paddlers, not money.