No kayaking today!


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It’s ok with me. Went out for one hour walk this morning before work. Then did 8 X 3 minute rounds (30 second rest) on the heavy bag after work. Good ending to the week.


Well, that’s a sporty forecast

We had gale warnings on the Great Lakes today. Was fun running the snowblower in an air temp of 2F.

Hurt to breathe but at least my hands were warm.

Giacomo cares little. Iris close to being gassed. :scream:

Can’t wait for the oil bill :sob:.

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Giacomo, play dead! Good dog.

Our cold day was yesterday. Pretty easy to suck up one “no paddling” day when I paddled the prior day and the whole upcoming week will be in the 40’s.

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Giacomo the rescue from Tennessee!

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Lake Michigan this morning. Probably looks more inviting to you than me.

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It’s going to be a bit before it’s OK to paddle on the Grand River:

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I took a drive yesterday and there was a thin layer of ice on all the lakes and ponds, and my local river looked like your picture with ice along the shores and in the dead water. No snow around here though. Yesterday at this time it was -8, today it is 28 on its way up to 48 later today. There is a good chance that it won’t drop below freezing around here all week. What a crazy winter.

I love paddling up in the White Mountains with the view of Mount Washington off in the distance.

Another example of this crazy weather - here in RI we are in the middle of one of the warmest winters ever, and a little over 2 hours away Mount Washington was the coldest spot in the US.

Yeah, Friday AM was around -2 - + 1 depending on where. Saturday started cold but was close to 30 when I went skiing & took the picture. The river was wide open last Saturday & probably will open up again this week. Looks like pretty much freeze/thaw (20s night 40s day) for the next two weeks.

Well we are getting a bit of a break. The temp here is above freezing for the 1st time in quite a while. 38 degrees now. And the forecast is for a slow warming trend so the super cold with the 30-45 MPH winds are behind us now. This started well before Christmas for us, so this day of above freezing temps is very welcome

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got up to 70 today. I was able to get in a quick 2 hours of paddling


It’s been similar in SW MI, mild enough that I’ve been afraid to jinx it by talking about it. Normally January and the first half of February are pretty bleak for paddling and I might get in one or two short “sanity paddles” per month. This past January the LOW temp only dipped below freezing a couple of times and I got in 16 nice day paddles and still passed lots of good days. Our 10 day forecast calls for mid-40s every day.

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I’m enjoying the ongoing thaws. It feels like Spring arriving over and over. The snow goes away before it gets dirty and the scenery changes more than a typical winter.

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50° Long Island today it’s crazy :anguished::rofl:

No Kayaking here, but today I had a VERY good pleasant day as compared to the last 6 weeks. It was +44 degrees!!! All the icicles fell off the eves and drips of water are coming off the roof. The snow melted off to a noticeable degree and the very best news of all, A friend of a friend decided to bring a bulldozer to the road and plow us out. I walked out on the side of my house where the snow was up to my waist a few days ago and it’s still deep, but it’s now only over my knees about 4 inches. That’s not bad for 1 day.
Now I have to remind myself that February is our snow-month. Out coldest times are exactly when we had them, from Christmas week through January. But +44 in early Feb is REALLY nice and far warmer then what we usually get.
I am not going to think winter’s over. We can still get buried in very deep snows, but I do think the super cold is probably behind us now. Not letting my guard down, but today was a very nice break from what we’ve been getting.

That makes our 54 and raining sound better but we’re not paddling either.