No Lip for Spray Skirt

Hello everyone. I am completely new to kayaking; I just went twice to a reservoir and fell in love with it. I bought a kayak I found on sale, the lifetime payette 116 sit in kayak. I also bought a spray skirt that should fit the size.

The kayak rim has a very slight lip and because of this the spray skirt won’t stay on at all. Any suggestions?

Maybe not all a rim issue
You got this at Walmart maybe?

Anyway, I see a big seat back sticking up well above the coaming in back. That usually makes it tougher for a spray skirt to fit well. The seat back keeps pulling it off unless there is a whole lot of spare material.

This is a rec boat not designed for conditions that make a spray skirt more crucial. To ask the question, do you need a full spray skirt or would a half deck do you? It wouldn’t help with things like rolling, but then again neither would this boat. It would keep you a bit drier.

agree with celia
That boat doesn’t really benefit from a spray skirt. Either use the boat without a skirt until you are ready to upgrade, or if you are doing stuff that needs a skirt, upgrade to a boat more appropriate for whatever that use is.

not a coaming
I’ve seen those Payettes at Lowes and T J Maxx. Honestly, kind of a clunky design and not something I would use in anything but a shallow pond. You really do get what you pay (or don’t) for with kayaks. The lip around the cockpit in the Payette is just to reinforce the moulding and is not designed to be deep enough to be a true coaming. The cockpit is really too big to effectively support one anyway - it would just implode once water collected on it. Return the sprayskirt if possible and get your mobey back. And, as others have recommended, limit your paddling to the moderate waters for which that boat is intended. Meaning no fast, rough or deep water.

If you find you really get into kayaking you will likely want to upgrade eventually. Then you may end up with a kayak designed for a skirt.