No longer canoeing. Need to sell my two canoes. What is a good selling price?

Merlin II
Quetico 17


Not sure, would love the Merlin but I’m sure it’s far from me.

Advertise them at half what you paid plus $100 and see what happens. Craigslist is a good place.

It’s hard to tell if any of the scratches on the Merlin II are deep. Offhand I’d say the Merlin II might be worth around $1500 or maybe a bit less since some people will freak out about the scratches even though they only affect the looks. A new similar Northstar Northwind Solo is around $3000. I don’t have as good of a feel for the Q17. It looks to be in fine shape and it looks light so maybe you should mention the weight in your ad. I’d guess it’s worth $1500 or maybe $100 more or less. I suggest that you advertise them on in addition to other places like this site and craigslist.

How old is the Merlin II? I got one in Kevlar at a dealer for $1100 in 2001. Now its worth maybe six hundred. Bell has not produced those boats in a long time and $1500 is optimistic for a fifteen year old or more boat.

Used starting point is 60 percent of retail.

My Merlin II is 20 years old and I was recently offered $1500 for it. I don’t plan to sell it because I like it better than the newer similar designs like the Northwind Solo or Keewaydin 15.

Good for you. Its a rare buyer so glad you like the boat. Market values vary a lot between regions.

Several (3) black/gold Merlin II’s sold nearby in late summer in the $1500 range but all had wood trim and looked nicer than the one with aluminum rails in the pics. I agree that $1500 is optimistic but maybe $1400-1500 is a good asking price and you may get $1200-1300. Anything below 1200 seems like a screaming bargain but I wouldn’t even try selling a boat in the winter in Michigan. I sold a Northwind 17 for about 85% of new price but the market is fickle for sure. I think both of the original poster’s boats have strong appeal to many tripping paddlers.