No more Royalex?

I just got an email from my local canoe/kayak retailer and he said that the plant that makes Royalex will no longer be making it. So, this will be the last year of Royalex canoes? Has anyone else heard of this?


Uh you might be the last to know
Its been a major topic of news and conversation for a year or so in the canoe world. Do some searching here in the forum and you will get a BUNCH of info about it.

…what I get for hibernating this winter… :slight_smile:

I wonder what new material they’ll come up…

there will be used royalex boats around for years.

It is difficult for me to believe that
no one will pick up the manufacture of royalex going forward. I disagree with the idea that composite and poly is all we need. Royalex has had a long running hold on a portion of the market. We’ll see. Pressure will start to build this year.