No Northshore Dealers in US??

Don’t see any on their website so I would guess there aren’t, but I’d like to test paddle a couple of their boats.

Yes there are State-side dealers, but…

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You did not set up a profile with any indication of your location. Nor did you indicate in your inquiry where you live.
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Moving on.

If you are in the Northeast, The River Connection in Hyde Park, NY.

Marshall and/or Dorothy can set you up. They are very good people to deal with. Well worth the drive, even if it takes several hours.

Well, actually I did but didn’t see the button that makes it public. So now its public (Atlanta GA). Anyhow, If I’m going to spend more than a couple thou on a boat, I’d consider taking a weekend to go somewhere to demo a boat that I really thought might be the right one (I plan to do that for the Point 65N Whisky). Is there anything to do in the greater Hyde Park area? Like is it anywhere near NYC. No need to answer…I will look it up on Google.

Yep, quite a bit to do.

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You can tour the FDR estate, the Vanderbilt estate, hiking, kayaking of course, touring the Hudson River Valley, and more.

You could even stay in NYC and take the rapid commuter train up the East side of the Hudson River to the Poughkeepsie/Hyde Park area.

Marshall and Dorothy could provide you with many local options (as they did with me).

FWIW, I was not my intent to 'call you out', but there are many folks out here (Yes, you know who you are) who seem to take great pride in hiding behind their user name (e.g. No profile information).

Culinary Institute of America
is always a good choice to grab a bite after paddling. All kayaking is based around good eats afterwards, isn’t it?

87 Miles north of Manhattan. Metro North train runs into the city from Poughkeepsie.

Stewart Airport close by.

Climbing in the 'Gunks.

Lot’s of other stuff.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

If you can’t make the Hudson Valley
(which would be a shame). Check your local Valley dealers. North Shore is owned by Valley and I’ve heard of folks intersecting with North Shore boats at outfitters who carry Valley.

North Shore Atlantic
Tahe Kayaks manufactures a model called Reval Midi which has exactly the same hull as the North Shore Atlantic. Rumor has it Tahe bought the hull design through Arend Bloem in Holland. The Tahe price is probably better and maybe you have a Tahe dealer close by?

"All kayaking is based around good eats

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afterwards, isn't it?"

Oh no! Well, there is that school of thought. But there's another school of thought--the one I subscribe to--that runs like this: All kayaking is based around good eats DURING the trip. After the trip I'm in the car on my way home.

dealer in NH
Contoocook River Canoe Company in Concord, NH is carrying this Line …I am definitely going to be trying them out. They sound awesome.

fwiw, based on the specs supplied

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from the respective manufacturer's websites the Tahe Reval Midi and North Shore Atlantic do not appear to be "exactly the same hull". At a minimum the beams of these two boats are different. The overhead pictures of both kayaks also suggests that they have a slightly different form. These hulls maybe close, but they are not exactly the same.

The Tahe Reval Midi looks like a nice kayak, but it does not appear to be available in the US per their website.

Some Impex boats are North Shore hulls
Also, some of the older Impex designs are from North Shore molds. I believe the Montauk, Currituck, etc… have North Shore hulls.

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and the Mystic, too...

Anyway, your Valley dealer should be able to get them.

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The Impex hulls were based off of but modified slightly from the North Shore designs way back when. The North Shore definitely rides differently than the Impex versions.

The Mystic was based off of the Fuego.

A dealer that carries Valley does not mean the same as they carry North Shore. That would vary on a dealer by dealer basis.

No personal boat/butt time in Tahe Marine although I’ve looked them over when I’ve had the chance to see them for real instead of just on the internet. Lots of boat/butt time in Impex, P&H & recently North Shore.

Back to paper work today for me.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Hmmmm, I think the Apple Pie Bakery is open today. Yum!

Sea Kayak Georgia on Tybee carries Valley. Give them a call as they might possibly intersect with NorthShore.

Tybee is a lot closer to Atlanta than Hyde Park, NY., which is worth visiting even if Poughkeepsie – I spent too many years there – is somewhat of a pit (or it used to be…this is a l-o-n-n-n-g time ago…)

Contoocook Canoe and Kayak
…does, indeed, carry NorthShore. I bought my AvocetLV from Patrick and he’s pretty impressed with these kayaks.

And so was I. Contoocook is having a demo day on May 23 and I’m sure they’ll be there, along with the NDK and Valley, to try.

good info from Marshall & more
thank you Marshall, this dovetails with what I learned several years ago via my own research before buying a North Shore kayak from a man in SF.

Can only add that the Mystic is a very fine 14’ seakayak, while the North Shore Shoreline Fuego is 15’11". IIRC the beam for both is 20" and they share pronounced rocker and what I think of as a medium chine (medium chine similiar to many Impex designs.)

Mine is a 1997 (not a typo) North Shore Shoreline Fuego, purchased in mint condition in late 2006 via the classifieds in Pnet.

First owner was a woman in SF, the second had the boat only a few months and was forced to sell as his knee problem made it difficult to clear the small cockpit (16"x26")

The layup inside and out is flawless, the coaming solid and well placed, and the bulkheads taped and glassed on both sides. Everything from the foot pegs to the imbedded deck lines (no pad eyes) are solid. The hatch covers are flush fiberglass (the later models went to rubber) I’m blinded by owner love but find the boat exceptionally pretty.

The workmanship is really first rate. The designer is Mike Nelson - he designed all the North Shore models and for years he built as many as they could sell in northern England, Finland, Sweden, other European countries and even Japan. Being a small shop they never imported directly to North American but Impex as mentioned did import and tweak a few of the NS designs.

Mike has had design input working w. Valley on retuning a few models, and he is now employed by VCP while retaining his own boatshop in Stokesley, England.

OP, you have the chance to demo some exceptional kayaks well worth the travel. Back in the mid80s North Shore pioneered the concept of a playful day boat of moderate weight (betw. 45-55 depending on model)with decent speed and great performance in textured water.

Boat turns very easily and likes to be deeply edged. Rolls like a Romany LOL - the Fuego is lower volume than the Romany or Romany LV.

I believe Marshall has a NS Atlantic and perhaps the Shoreline, the slightly larger big brother to the Shoreline Fuego.

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I own a Northshore Mystic (I live on the other side of the pond) bought in the Netherlands. Lots of Northshore boats here (i.e. - I bought the turquoise one in the front).

I've tried many boats and the Fuegos I've tried are a different boat. Much longer, different cockpit.

The Shorelines are also different, the hull changed over time. All great boats anyway.

Tahe has taken the shoreline form and made two boats called wadlooper (dutch) from it.

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North Shore
Charles River Canoe and Kayak in Newton MA carries North Shore. Great people to work with.

valley bought the northshore name and ditched the molds from the shoreline fuego range
valley are just that valley boats… valley got mike nelson to design boats for them on their specs