No Pockets

Went for a group paddle over the weekend and,being the weather has now reached that point, I wore the NRS Hydroskin G2xl and G2xl wetsuit jacket.

No problem untill…we all decided to go to Tim Hortons for coffee afterword.

While the pfd affords me someplace to put the wallet and keys…unless I wanted to wear the pfd into timmys I was left with keys in one hand and wallet in the other and wondering why the jacket (at least) didn’t have some kind of pocket.

Is this sop with every brand out there and does anyone have an idea why?

Elite gear?
I think the closer to primary performance you get the further from unrelated bells and whistles you are. My bathing suit has a pocket, I doubt any olympic outfit would.

Fears of punctures?

very important


I Wish Someone Would Make

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I wish someone would make a PFD that is also a comfortable vest with lots of pockets. Like a fishing vest. Lots of trips on freshwater I just wear a fishing vest when I probably should be wearing a PFD.

Maybe not for intense activities like WW or surfing, but for casual day trips, even on the ocean.

On the ocean I wear a farmer john wetsuit and mysterioso top, so I just peel the top down and wear a jacket over it until I get a chance to change.

If I launch from the beach I wear a speedo under my wetsuit so I can take it off and change to shorts, or sweats on the beach. I figure no one is going to take my ratty sweats, so I just leave them on the beach

makes a guide vest designed to be worn over a PFD. Has lots of pockets, but seems a bit pricey, even in USD.


I carry a fanny pac as a overboard
pac soze I have some survival items “on me” if I go over…could be used as a big pocket…

Fanny Pack
I also use one. Not while paddling but anytime I need more pockets.


I use a fanny pack to carry vhf, flares, strobe and snickers bars (as my pfd has only one pocket.)


My bomber gear paddling top and pants have more pockets than I can use, but I usually change out of them before leaving the take-out.

The NRS gear mentioned is, or is like, a thin neoprene wetsuit yes?

Pardon my naivete, but is it commonly accepted practice to patronize coffee shops wearing nothing but neoprene underwear? Maybe it’s different elsewhere but I can only imagine the looks I’d get at the local Starbucks.


So it wasn’t just me
I had the same first response - couldn’t imagine either walking into a public place without changing out of the neoprene, or staying in it any longer than necessary for paddling. It stinks no matter what you do and is icky feeling once out of the water when wet.

Maybe the take-out is so populated that changing in the car isn’t possible? I’ve seen people use one of those huge sacks to change under, or an improvised version made of having sewn two sides of a bed sheet together, while standing beside their car. Also saw a guy manage a beautiful job with just a regular sized bath towel, but he’d obviously had a lot of practice.

Something like that may be a better solution than trying to create pockets where none exist.

Fanny pack as bail out bag
How do you wear the fanny pack? Around the chest? Worn with the pack in the front? I haven’t tried it but seems like a fanny pack around the waist would create a large “bulge” at the lower back interfering with seat/backband fit. I’d like to try this but haven’t because of these concerns.

Well I never even considered how I

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exactly wear it ...I just put it on and move it around till it feels comfortable, I should add that I'm a canoer and I kneel alot..