No-seeum repellent

Other than staying in the airtight confines of home, does anyone have a fool and foul proof prevention for the Florida no-seeum. I find mosquitos are easily controlled with REPEL but the flying teeth with wings are a creature of different mentality. Oh yeah and Im looking for something other than shoes, socks, long pants, gloves, long sleeve shirt, hat and head net.

Best that I’ve found is…
Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil…

BUT, you gotta dilute it with about nine parts water, else you slide out of the boat.

I keep a spray bottle of it on my dock…

Good Luck, GH

Bens 100% lasts a lot longer than Skin So Soft which repels bugs for 20 minutes. Bens is about 4 hours. No repellent unfortunately is waterproof…

Bens works on Maine minges(no seeums) very well. Unprotected you can get bitten bad enough in one evening to go to the doctor.

As for color; anything beige repels them. Blue is a big attractant.

I agree with Grayhawk, but also…
…make sure you keep away from truck drivers !!!

Deet is just as good too.

We do a lot of kayak camping in the 10,000 Islands and the Everglades, and use both. they work equally as well.

Make sure your tent has no-seeum netting. A lot of the cheaper ones don’t, and it can be the ruination of a good trip.



bug suit
DEET ain’t got shit on no-see-ums in the Everglades. I’ve sprayed them down with OFF from three inches away and they don’t even flinch. The Avon stuff works OK, but it doesn’t last long. Bug suits, on the other hand, are the way to go. About $40 at a marine-type or fishing store. BUT, if you paddle fast enough the no-see-ums can’t catch you. They’re slow and puny, but devastating if you’re trapped on land.

DEET is not a repellant…
it is a masking elixir. It should be applied to the human skin, not clothing.

And applied directly to the no-see-ums will have little effect. It is not an insecticide.

DEET was quite effective when used properly in one of the best testing grounds for insect masks… Vietnam.



I agree with you, but not Chad
I have been back country camping the Everglades for many years, and in the AM, and in the evening, the deet is my prime protection.

They may be swarming around, but they won’t land on you.

Once the sun comes up, take a dip in the ocean, and you are all clear of them until the evening.



i’ve been paddling the everglades for about five years now, and i’ve yet to run into any boater of any type who recommends DEET for no-see-ums. every old-timer i’ve ever talked to calls DEET “seasoning” for the no-see-ums. i’ve been covered in the stuff several times and literally attacked by the damn punkies for hours. although it’s mainly a sun-up, sundown problem, i’ve also seen no-see-ums stick around for nearly 18 hours on picnic key.

OK, you win, but
this old timer who has been paddling there for about thirty years will sit out on the beach in the evening watching the sunset off Tiger Key, with out any discomfort,(because of my deet) while you are cursing and swearing the little critters with the big teeth.



Some more info on DEET…
try this link to learn a bit more.

3M ultrathon is a good but expensive
product for prolonged DEET protection. That said, it seems people have a different levels of attraction for flying bugs. I can sit out on our deck and be fine while the critters will swarm my wife (at least they have good taste). I think this comes into play with the contrasting experiences mentioned above.

BTW, citronella (the active in skin so soft) is not supposed to do much according to many studies. But, if it works for ya all the better! DEET is nasty stuff.

I agree with you
My thoughts are Deet for mosquitos and I swear by REPEL but need to recoat every 20-30 minutes, I believe No-Seeums get stuck in oily skin so soft but it does not repel them.


Think about this
I have always been under the belief, knowledge and makes damn good sense to not wear perfumes, colognes, fragrant soap and such that put off odors that attract bugs, if not mistaken it is odors and mainly carbon monoxide/dioxide ? of the human that attracts them in the first place.


The Camp LuLu Hermit
I’ll use whatever he’s using, he must be the world most authority on No-seeums and squeeters.


I think it’s the eucalyptus scent in Avo

I’m pretty sure he’s dead.

Yes he died the year before last
Sad, he welcomed all paddlers and other outcasts.




I never go camping without my “Original Bug Shirt.” It’s a lightweight shirt with a hood and netting…it keeps the bugs away but doesn’t get too hot. Here’s the site:

Also, I’ve been experimenting with a repellent product call Badger Anti-Bug Balm. It smells nice and keeps the bugs away, for a short time. You’ll need to reapply every now and then.


Anti bug balm
Good morning Tracy

Would be nice to not have to coat yourself down in DEET