No serial number, need help with boat information!!

I just acquired a Dagger Alchemy 14s. I have searched every where and there is no serial number. I work at a paddle shop so I know where too look for them and Daggers website says stern or thigh brace but there are no numbers in either spot. There are also some differences in the boat vs what Dagger shows in their catalogs. My boat has no skeg, a different seat, no nook for a compass, no plastic rail on the inside floor of the boat, it had a foam deck pad and a different shape to the deck, and three bulkheads. I have compared my boat to Daggers archives catalogs back to 2009 when the dagger was new. I’m trying to find out more about it and I need a number to get a water sticker.

Could it be a blem that was sent out for a shop to use as a demo boat? Possibly would not have a serial number then.

MAke one up using Dagger’s prefix code and etch it into the hull…

_The serial number consists of 12 alphanumeric digits.
Ex. WEMELA29A909

The serial number breaks down in this order:

The WEM is required as per coast guard regulations as a company identification code, and means you have bought a quality Dagger product.
The next five digits are generated in sequence by our system to give each boat its own unique serial number.
The next digit is a letter that represents the month of the year your boat was molded.
The letter A represents January, B would represent February and so on.
The next digit is the year the kayak was built, and the last two numbers will be the model year of the kayak. The example above would be for a 2009 model boat, molded in January 2009.

If you need more information please call us at (888) 525-2925.__