No slip Seat pad

Any suggestions for no-slip seatpad for tractor style seats?

I have Mad River IQ system seats and they are rather slippery and I tend to slide off too easily.



Look at the
Immersion Research seat pad for kayaks. Not sure if that is what you are looking for. Works good on the slick fiberglass bucket seat on my Impex Force Cat3. Some people (mostly racers) even have removed them because they want slicker seats to get more rotation.


Seat Pad
A yoga mat works very well. It doesn’t have much thickness and keep the behind in place nicely.

Dollar store
shelf mat is perfect. I use it inside to keep things from shifting inside the boat. It’s only a dollar. Its the perferated stuff that sears sells for tool boxes only less expensive.

Another Dollar Store suggustion…
the pads people use to kneel on when doing gardening. It’s what i use, works great. Glued them in with Monkey Glue, back also.