No swims this year – Piscat Drawdown and BBQ

The last scheduled release of the year around here is at the Gregg Falls Dam on the Piscataquog River in Goffstown, NH. The release always takes place on the last weekend in October, and a couple of the local clubs sponsors a nice BBQ after. The river itself is short, and not particularly difficult, but it is always a good time.

With some recent rains, the release this year was a little higher than usual with bigger waves, fewer eddies and faster runs. I did two tandem runs in my old school Mohawk Whitewater 16 with my friend Jonathan.

The main event on this trip is always a playspot near the takeout that has a habit of pulling open boats in sideways, and then spitting them out. I’ve had lots of practice demonstrating how not to side surf in this particular hole. Jonathan and I did a tandem run here a two years ago and “window-shaded” pretty quickly. You wouldn’t think a 16’ tandem would get sucked in sideways, but it does.

This year, we were able to keep the boat straight, and had two relatively long surfs. The boat filled up with water, but we stayed upright. It was the fist time in years that I didn’t swim. I think even if you are not on Facebook you can see the video here (make sure the volume is on):

Or maybe here:

Otherwise, a few pictures here:

I put on my drysuit, so I guess the winter paddling season is here. :slight_smile:

I finally got a copy of the surfing video from last October - who says you can’t have fun in a 16’ bathtub:

Should have stayed in longer, but the boat was filling up fast. I love my old Mohawk.