No Viewfinder in Digital Camera

I recently purchased an Olympus Stylus 1030 SW digital camera. Have not used it a lot, but so far am pleased. I have the same complaint everyone seems to have these days however, and that is the lack of a viewfinder. It is very difficult to see what you are taking a picture of in bright sunlight.

I have heard there is some kind of coating material that can be purchased to stick on the LCD. Has anyone else heard of this and if so what is your experience with it? Any idea of the product name so I can try and find it in my location to purchase? Thanks for the help

Try this
Anti-glare shields:

Also available at Best Buy or photo stores, this clear plastic film should reduce glare somewhat and prevent scratches to your LCD screen.

I replace mine at least every year, sometimes oftener.


You can also find
Large sized “universal” screen protector sheets that are trim to fit. Complete with grid marks on the backing to help mark where to trim.

Useful if the screen size you have is not offered as a stock size. You might even get two applications from one sheet if your screen is small enough. That would double the life of a standard package of 12.

I am an Olympus 720 SW user
and yeah, teh lack of viewfinder sometimes is a drag. But one learns to “point & guess” and take several shots, planning on manipulating the files back home.

As for glare, when I got mine I immediately applied a PDA protector sheet to the LCD, and I have not noticed any undue glare.


Protective film question
How does this film hold up in terms of remaining stuck onto the LCD when the camera is repeatedly immersed?

Anti-glare Shields
They work to some degree but glare is still a problem. My Pentax came with some cut to fit sheets and I attached one and it has stayed on for about a year. Helps, but only a little bit.

Stay on fine
Like others here suggest, I buy the largest sheets I can find and then cut to fit, as our household has at least three different digicams and it’s just cheaper and easier that way.

Cut to size, then round or angle the corners to prevent peeling and lifting. Align one edge, then slowly ‘roll’ the film onto the LCD, rubbing down with your finger or a credit card to squeeze out air bubbles as you go. Even on my Pentax Optio, which does not have a recessed LCD, I’ve had no problem with peeling, even when wet.

Good Luck!


Can use a hat … it you’re wearing …
… one. My top is starting to require a baseball type cap … If you happen to have a ball cap, and are comfortable shooting with one hand, you might try holding the hat over the camera with your other hand to put shade on the LCD.

BUT I would still recommend glare sheilds as others have mentioned … the hat trick can provide better viewing.

Have you ever seen…
…pictures of 19th century photographers using a big view camera on a tripod with a black cloth over the back of the camera and their heads? They had the exact same problem of not being able to see the image projected onto the viewing glass in bright conditions. I’m often amazed by what a hundred years of technological advancement has provided!

Its Digital, get a 2 Gig SD card and just use the shotgun approach and take many pictures. Delete the ones that suck.

My viewfinder camera has no digital


Used to not have problems
Until I got polarized precription sunglasses, now it is hard to see thw LCD screen.

I turn my screen off
and only use my viewfinder. The batteries last 3 times lomger by not using the screen.

I wish I could use the viewfinder
With my underwater case the only option I have is lcd screen.