NOAA PocketCharts

Has anyone ever used the scaled down PocketCharts from NOAA?

My understanding is that they are the same data as the full 36x44" chart but scaled down to 13x19". It seems that they would be much easier to handle on the deck. Clearly, the text would be much smaller, but are they usable?

Any experience/advice would be appreciated.


the white water crowd
can read them but doesn’t need them

while the sea kayak crowd needs them but can’t see them!

So let me get this straight…
The whitewater guys, presumably young, hip, trendy, hemp-necklace-wearing and sharp of sight, can see the little bitty depth soundings, but never really need to navigate. They generally follow the river. Left bend = left turn.

The sea kayak paddlers, old, wool-knicker-wearing with a gold chain holding their reading glasses around their necks, need a good navigational resource, but are unable to discern “TIDAL RIP” from “TRAGICALLY HIP”

Thanks. That helps. :slight_smile: