NOAA stations - how to find?

Can anyone tell me how to find the available weather stations/marine reports/forecasts on the NOAA web site for my area?

I found some by Googling but as far as I can tell at the NOAA web site they are only listed by # and I can’t search by location…

For instance, the closest to the Annapolis Naval Academy, MD?


Like Here?

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This should be the map

try this

Thanks - got it

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KNAK = Annapolis Naval Academy

Was paddling there today and was curious to confirm the conditions - I barely made it out with my last ounces of strength remaining against the strong winds at noon today.

national weather service

This has all the government’s weather products. Land forcast, marine forcasts, buoy observations, hurricane tracking, etc etc.

Thanks - could not find the station…
… that I needed. I had forgotten how to get to the clickable map of the regions where they got observations. The posts above linked me to it…

Chesapeake sites
Thomas Point Light readings are available here:

Thomas Pt. Light is a few miles south of Annapolois. It has wind, air temp., water temp. and reports hourly.

This site will give you wind readings (Thomas Pt. is on there too):

  • Rob

Thomas Point, which I had bookmarked previously, has usually somewhat different/stronger wind conditions than some of the areas nearby (much preferred by wind surfers as is May beach for the same reason). That’s why I was looking specifically for Annapolis since I was there…