NOAA weather radio in BWCA

I see there is a NOAA station in Ely (300 watts). Is this station receivable over a goodly portion of the eastern BWCA?


I’m not sure about that station. I’ve been able to get the north shore stations sometimes though. That said, I usually don’t bother to bring my VHF into the BWCA. On the eastern side, you can almost always get the Grand Marais local radio station on a mp3/FM radio. They carry weather reports often enough.

I had not considered bringing my VHF - just a small NOAA radio. But my feeble mind is now remembering that the NOAA site might have coverage maps for their stations - I know they do for the Chesapeake Bay area. I will try there and report back.


Godd news and bad
According to the NWR coverage map,

coverage in the BWCA should be “reliable”.

Bad news is that my little Radio Shack radio is so old that it has only 3 station settings, and none of the frequencies are that of the Ely station (162.5) or Grand Marais (162.42).

Looks like I have another “opportunity”.