Noisey Racks

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I just had the first set of racks for my 03 Nissan Frontier king cab, (see lots of info so far) installed. I have a set of Yakima Towers, q-clips and a 48" crossbar on the roof of the truck (just 1 set on roof) and a Outdoors 300 bed rail rack. With nothing on them they howl. Will the fairing that Yakima has qeit this down or will I be wasteing my money. Ok, I got Hully rollers for the back and Mako Saddles for the front.
Thank you for your info in advance.
New boat should be here this week WOOO HOOO!!!

JT in Central FL

put some foam on it.
either a split pool noodle (great because you can choose from a lot of different colors) or regular foam pipe insulation.

I had the same problem with my crossbars and this fixed it. an added benefit is that it serves as padding for when you haul the boats.

this is all assumong that you have caps on the ends of the crossbars.

bungee cords
I took the advice of an aeronautics engineer, and wrapped a bungee cord, spiraling around each of the cross bar. They cost just a couple of bucks at HD. The theory is that they distrub the wind patter enough to prevent that resonating sound. Works great and you can think of them as a couple of extra emergency bungees that are always there.



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Hey, it ain't altogether dark if you still have your SOT! We've had our SINKs now for ...15 months for Sally and her Tracer, and maybe 20-21 for my Eclipse? We use them more often than our Scuppers because we go out in groups with SINKs for the most part, and it just makes it easier.

So... Jack & Nanci sold ya, eh? That 700's a nice boat, no? Only nice enough to go out & buy one! They told us that they'd be paddling with you upstate after they left us down here in South Florida & the Keys.

Wind howl drove me so nuts when we first got our Yakima RailRider setup for the Jeep that on our way back from Tampa (how I made it up there and halfway back without cracking I can't for he life of me remember -or figure out, it was so bad) I stoppped at a K-Mart and bought pool noodles and slit them lengthwise and packing taped them to the bars. Funny, though, Sally didn't think it was all that bad...

But for me, after installation in the KMart parking lot in the rain (yeah, that's how bad it was bugging me!) it was SOOOOO much better...

Plus, with a red Jeep Grand Cherokee, and big, thick, red-orange noodles on the rack, it looks like a fire chief's vehicle with a light bar on top. I've actially had a coyple people move over when I came up behind them... LOL!

But they surely do the trick, and down here, they last between 9 and 15 months.

Now when we got the Mazda6S SportWagon, it had a roof rack sans crossbars, just raised rails, so we went with Thule CrossRoads because Yakima hadn't come out with their analog at that time.

Even Sally complained about the awful howl that this Thule setup produced -perhaps worse because the bars are rectangular. It was further exacerbated because we have a sunroof, and the howl was unveliveable at speed with the lid open. Same deal, though: pool noodles to the rescue! Plus, the front bar can easily be moved aft to reduce the wind noise (not howl) to almost nothing.

Oh, you can use the dull grey pipe insulation sold in hardware stores, sure... But the noodles really assist in finding your car in the parking lot after Christmas shopping, or after the concert, or after a trip to either Home Depot or the mall.

And they provide a nice, firm seating to carry our boats sans cradles.

And who knows? maybe someone will help speed you on your way by pulling over and letting you by as you fly to the put-in to


-Frank in Miami

Ok, everyone’s doing good.

Short Answer
Yes. The fairing that Yakima (and Thule) sell does significantly reduce wind noise/howl. But they aint cheap.

I have the same truck except…
it is the Crew Cab. I had a dozen holes drilled in the top and had rack tracks installed. Love em! Sometimes I am driving down the road and my passenger will say “Hear That?” And I will say “Hear What?”

Congrats on the new toys. Very Cool!


Fairings are a pain
for me, and I find that the Windjammers from Yakima that clip around the bars do just as well. Put one on each bar, two if there is room, and the hooooooowwwwwwwwllllllling will be reduced to a low humming wind noise.


I used string with a spiral pattern and it worked great.