Noisy cargo

This is for those of you who carry the C-Tug boat cart or similar cargo in your hatches: how do you secure/wrap these things without them banging around when practicing rolls, etc. I’m thinking of getting the C-Tug but don’t want to hear a bunch of noise when I play. Thanks.

mincell camp pad?

air bags
I generally use some sort of air bags. Sometimes just a air filled drybag or an extra and large paddle float. I try to put the cargo (wheels or other) very close to the rear of the cockpit and then use air bags jammed in behind that to keep things in place.

jusy about anything should work
Float bags, pool noodles, etc. Even dry bags placed around it.

Put in float bags

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Insert gear and inflate the float bag before paddling off. Best way to stabilize gear and it might save you if you do ever hole thru.